Marvel Slots:  Turning Players into Superheroes

Marvel SlotsMarvel slots have been the answer to every geeky online casino enthusiast’s dream since they burst onto the scene in 2005.  Unless you’re a seasoned blackjack or poker professional, chances are that you’ve at least dabbled with a few slot machines. After all, slot machines have developed to a whole new level.  Modern slot machines no longer resemble old-school arcade games.  The levels are long gone and have been replaced by electronic machines with heaps of options and a wide range of compelling themes.

Marvel slots represent the pinnacle of online slot machine development.  The wildly popular games are supplied by casino software giants, Playtech and Cryptologic.  Marvel slots games are based on popular characters from the iconic Marvel comic books.  These include such venerable superheroes and heroines as Spiderman, Elektra, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Wolverine, Superman and more.

The Marvel slots games are more complex than the average slots games you’d normally find at online casinos. However, the basic elements are the same.  Players enjoy numerous bonus rounds and huge jackpots. Like other slot machines, Marvel slots games include lots of information about the payouts and how to trigger bonus rounds.  You can familiarize yourself with the games by playing for fun.  Once you’re comfortable with the games you can try for real money winnings.  And, if you are aiming for a huge payout, you can select one of the Marvel slots progressive jackpot games.  These special machines are linked through a network, which often generate jackpots totalling millions of dollars.

So now that we have a little history of the games and how they work, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Marvel slots games:

Spider-Man Marvel Slots

Spider-Man, the popular superhero who has been keeping New York City streets safe for more than 50 years, has been immortalized in this fan-favorite slot machine.  Like the other Marvel slots, this is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine.  This game can be found at any Cryptologic-powered online casino.  The bonus game is triggered by three or more of the scatter symbols being displayed on any of the reels.  It offers free spins and a special bonus round that can lead to incredible prizes.

Iron Man Marvel Slots

Iron Man slots were first launched in 2009 to coincide with the major motion picture release.  This game has all of the features that players have come to expect from Marvel slots games: multipliers, wild symbols, scatter symbols and more.  The progressive element means that a massive jackpot win can be triggered at any time, which adds to the excitement!  Based on the huge success of the original Iron Man slot machine, Playtech has released a follow up in the form of Iron Man 2.

Captain America Marvel Slots

Captain America is a 5-reel, 25-payline slot machine that taps into US player’s national pride.  The bonus game lets you try to take down airplanes with the help of the Captain’s shield, which is a scatter symbol.  There are also themed wild symbols that can be used to increase the odds of earning great bonuses and free spins.

As mentioned previously, you can play any of the Marvel slots games before wagering for real money.  Try them for yourself and experience state-of-the-art graphics and sounds you’ll only find in the most modern online casino slot machines.