Gambling Superstitions:  The Top Betting Do’s and Don’ts

Gambling SuperstitionsGambling superstitions are very common.  You’ve probably seen bingo players surrounded by various talismans that are supposed to bring them good luck.  Gambling superstitions vary from culture to culture.  The Asian gambling community for example has a large number of rules to keep bad luck at bay and usher in good fortune.  Below is a list of common do’s and don’ts when it comes to gambling superstitions:

Gambling Superstitions #1

Avoid entering a casino through the front door.  Instead, enter through a less commonly used door or through the rear entrance.  This will keep all the bad luck from previous players from joining you as you gamble.  Of course this is only a factor at land-based casinos.  If you play at an online casino this doesn’t apply.

Gambling Superstitions #2

Red is considered to be a color that brings good luck and big fortune.  This is especially true in the Asian community.  Gamblers who wish to capitalize on this superstition tend to wear at least one article of red clothing when gambling.

Gambling Superstitions #3

Avoid using $50 bills when gambling.  This one of many long-standing gambling superstitions that is considered to be very bad luck.

Gambling Superstitions #4

Just like Kenny Rogers once famously said, “Never count your money, when you’re sitting at the table.”  Counting your money when playing table games like poker, roulette, or blackjack is considered to be very bad luck.  If you need to check on your funds, step away from the table.  If you don’t, your fellow gamblers are likely going to be very upset with you.  This is because counting your money at the table not only brings you bad luck, but it can negatively impact them as well!

Gambling Superstitions #5

Some gamblers have gambling superstitions when it comes to their clothing.  Extreme gamblers may take note of what they were wearing when they had a run of good luck at the casino.  They might choose to wear the same clothing the next time they play and they may even go so far as to avoid washing the clothes so as not to rinse away any good luck.  Similarly, gamblers will repeat what it was they ate, their betting patterns, and anything else they think might have helped contribute to their good fortune at the casino.

Gambling Superstitions #6

Slots players have their own set of gambling superstitions.  Although it’s not a very sanitary practice, some slots players will kiss the screen of machine prior to each spin.  Others believe that having a specific rhythm to spinning the reels can result in a big payout.  Another common belief is that if a winning combination hasn’t been hit within the first five spins it means that the slot machine has run cold and it’s time to play a different machine.

For the most part, gambling superstitions are harmless.  They can even be a fun way to increase the entertainment value.  Just be sure not to let them interfere with your enjoyment of the games.  The outcome of some casino games are purely random; others are based on skill and whether or not they can be affected by superstitions is debatable.  Focus on having fun and you should be just fine!