Popular Online Casinos:  What Makes Them Better Than the Rest

Popular Online CasinosPopular online casinos are difficult to define.  In the broadest terms I suppose that a popular online casinos are the ones with the largest number of registered members.  This definition is not inaccurate, however it doesn’t take into account the niche online casinos that can be extremely popular, but appeal to a smaller pool of players.  The nature of the internet makes it possible for online casinos to encourage membership from players throughout the world.  We’ll take a closer look at the steps these casinos take in order to increase their popularity and gain the members.  These same rules apply to the online casino sites that cater to specific types of players.

6 Key Elements of Popular Online Casinos

In order to gain the biggest number of members, popular online casinos need to offer services that will appeal to players worldwide.  Some of these services include the following:

– Multi-Language Support:  Popular online casinos provide software and support in many different languages.  When a player has a question or concern, they want to be able to communicate that to the casino.  By employing support agents that speak different languages, the casino is demonstrating that they care about their players and are committed to meeting their specific needs.  So, while there might be an online casino that is very popular in Germany, if their software and customer support is only available in German, they won’t be able to attract as many players as one that supports multiple languages.

– Multi-Currency Support:  Similar to language, by offering a range of localized payment options and allowing players to gamble in their native currency, a casino is able to attract a substantially larger number of members.

– Fast and Easy Payouts:  The most popular online casinos know that to stay popular they need to provide players with their winnings, fast!  Offering a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options is key.  Localized payment methods are also a great way to rate high with players.

– Competitive Bonuses:  Players are always on the lookout for a great bonus to help beef up their bankroll.  Savvy players know that they need to do their research in order to determine the real value of a bonus before they start playing.  Popular online casinos not only offer generous bonus amounts, they also keep the wagering requirements to a minimum!

– Variety:  Popularity can come and go in the blink of an eye.  In order for popular online casinos to remain popular, they need to stay up-to-date by offering new games and new technologies.  One of the latest trends in online gambling is mobile casinos.  The best online casinos will give players an opportunity to play their games on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

– Branding:  Sometimes simply knowing that other people find something popular can make something even more popular.  The biggest online casinos allocate massive amounts of money to pay for TV and radio advertising, sponsorships, licensing agreements, and more.  Branded casinos appear far more legitimate to potential players.

Why You Should Play at Popular Online Casinos

Although “popular” doesn’t necessarily mean “best,” it’s pretty safe to say that the most popular online casinos are very likely superior to others in some or all of the categories listed above.  Players have far too many options available to them to feel that they need to stick with a less-than-impressive casino.  By choosing one of the popular online casinos you’ll likely receive the high level of service and care you deserve as a loyal member.

Playtech Software: A Diversified Product

Playtech SoftwarePlaytech software was established back in the very early days of online gambling, in 2000 to be exact.  Since their initial launch Playtech has consistently remained one of the leading online casino game providers.  Over the course of the past fifteen years, Playtech has not only excelled in terms of online casino software development, but have also been highly successful producers of poker, bingo, and skill game systems.  Playtech went public in 2005.  The company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in order to establish even greater credibility among players, and also to help raise revenues to ensure future growth and development.  Due to the IPO, when the UIGEA was passed into law in 2006, Playtech declared that they were no longer willing to accept players from the United States.

Key Elements of Playtech Software

Playtech software features more than 350 games.  These games are available for download and can also be played instantly directly from a browser.  Players can choose from older, more classic style slots, progressives, video slots, or cutting edge 3D slots games such as the incredibly popular Marvel series slots.  In addition to slots, Playtech offers live dealer games, table games, keno, and poker.  The games can be customized for speed, sound, and size to suit each player’s individual tastes.

Playtech offers 15 different poker variations through their iPoker network.  The games are available in multiple languages and there are a number of tournaments available, all of which are linked via Playtech software, which ensures a consistent gaming experience and payouts.  Playtech’s poker games also include side games such as blackjack, progressives, and video poker.  The software also includes a thriving bingo component.  Players can select either 75 or 90 ball games and there is live chat available to help maintain a social atmosphere.

Playtech Software Goes Mobile

One of the fastest growing aspects of online gaming has been mobile gaming. Playtech customers can access games from mobile devices using their pre-existing usernames and passwords. Playtech software can be played on a wide range of handsets, smartphones, and tablets.  Mobile users are able to experience the same level of cutting edge technology, intense graphics, and user-friendly interface they are used to enjoying on their desktop and laptop computers.

Added Benefits of Playtech Software

Playtech software also provides players with many useful features that are designed to enhance the overall gaming experience. Players can view their playing histories and financial transactions for the previous three months.  Monthly payout ratios are tested and verified by independent accounting firms and are considered to be some of the best payouts in the industry. Playtech software also incorporates some of the most advanced security features available.  Ensuring that customer data remains safe and is never compromised is achieved via state-of-the-art encryption and permission-based accounting.

Playtech software has experienced varying degrees of popularity over the years.  The company lost a lot of traction after exiting the US market.  However they have made up for some of this loss of exposure by expanding into the many different areas of online gaming: casino, poker, bingo, mobile, and even standalone kiosks.  It could be argued that while Playtech software is not necessarily the “best” in any one area, they are very good in many different ones.

Rival Software: Innovative Games and Casinos

Rival SoftwareRival Software came on the scene in 2006.  Although they haven’t been around as long as some of the other online casino software providers like Playtech, Cryptologic, Microgaming, and others, they made their mark very quickly.  Through the introduction of their innovative “Islots” games, Rival software ushered in a new generation of online casino software.  In addition to these new and compelling slots games, Rival software also includes a variety of video poker and table games, and poker.  While the games offered by Rival software are fewer in number than their competitors, Rival software continues to expand on their original suite of games and may well surpass some of the other software providers before too long.

I-Slots: The Rival Software Advantage

I-slots are what has drawn players to Rival software powered casinos since they first launched back in 2006.  These unique games are not available at any other casinos and the casinos that do offer these games have successfully attracted a whole new breed of slots player.  I-slots are multi-payline slot machines that contain all of the regular features that you would expect to find in a multi-payline slot game.  These include wild and scatter symbols, multipliers and bonus rounds, free spins and more.  The coin range for each slot game falls between 1 penny and $10 per payline, with a max bet between 2 and 20 coins.

What really sets the Rival software I-slots games apart from regular online slots are the story telling features associated with each game.  Players will spin the I-slots slot machine reels in the hopes of triggering a bonus round.  When the bonus round is triggered, the story begins.  The stories that are told reflect the theme of the individual slot machine.  For example, if you are playing a “Medieval Castle” slot machine, then the story may contain knights and maidens and other castle-themed components.  With every spin of the reels, players are given the choice as to how they would like to proceed with the story.  In this sense, the player becomes the storyteller as they themselves will ultimately determine how the story ends.  Each time you launch a bonus round a new story begins.  Because players have so much control over the outcome of each game, players will rarely play the same game twice.  This keeps the Rival software not only unique, but uniquely exciting for gamblers.

Where to Find Rival Software

Rival software isn’t as widely available as other software brands.  You might have to look a bit harder in order to find a casino that offers Rival software.  However a quick online search will reveal a list of Rival powered casinos and the number of these casinos continues to grow.  Another compelling feature of Rival software is that it is available to players who reside within the United States.  Additionally, Rival software is very popular with players due to the fact that they are known to give older slots games new life.  Rival will take an older game and apply newer features such as bonus rounds so that they can be enjoyed by a whole new generation of slots players and keep older players coming back for more!

Microgaming Software: Some of the Best Casino Games

Microgaming SoftwareMicrogaming software is what powers some of the world’s biggest and most popular online casinos.  Gamblers may be under the impression that each casino uses their own software, when in fact, it’s almost always licensed from a third-party.  In addition to Microgaming software, some of the best known software providers include Cryptologic, Real Time Gaming, Rival, IGT/Wagerworks, and Playtech.  Each of these gaming platforms have been around for many years and withstood the test of time.  In recent years there have been some new software development companies making their way into the spotlight.  Some of these include Net Ent, Aristocrat, and Betsoft. And while these new providers do offer new features, they don’t yet have the same authority that a platform such as Microgaming software has, which is earned over time.

Key Features of Microgaming Software

Online casinos that Microgaming software are widely considered to be some of the very best.  One of the reasons for this is that Microgaming software includes more than 350 games, of which, more than 190 are slots games. Microgaming’s slots lineup includes classic, 1, 2, 3, and 5-payline slot machines, multi-payline slot machines, as well as video and progressive slot machines.  Bonus rounds incorporate free spins, mini games and more.  You can also apply wild and scatter symbols as well as multipliers that can double, triple, and even quadruple your winnings.

Microgaming slots have been consistently regarded as being graphically and technologically superior to the other software providers.  Microgaming releases new games each month and the casinos usually provide generous bonuses to players that are willing to give them a try.

That being said, the entertainment provided by Microgaming software is not limited to just slots.  They also offer some of the best Vegas-style table games online.  Some Microgaming software licensees feature the “Gold Series.”  This is more than 30 unique blackjack games, which is more than you’re likely to find at any land-based casino.  There are also plenty of other popular table games available, including American and European-style roulette, craps, sic bo and lots more.  The wide range of games offered by Microgaming is a big reason why people keep coming back to the casino for more.

Microgaming Software Slots and Blackjack Tournaments

Online casino tournaments are extremely popular and Microgaming software delivers on this front as well.  Blackjack and slots players can participate in a variety of tournaments, which run hourly.  Buy-ins can be as little as $2-$20.  “Free roll” tournaments are a great way for blackjack and slots players to take part in the tournament action without having to make a deposit.  The top winners of these free roll tournaments are eligible for real money winnings, which then can be parlayed into entry fees for regular tournaments.  Or, if you prefer to pocket your winnings, you will just need to make sure that you satisfy any requirements for free money bonuses before submitting your withdrawal request.

If you’re looking for incredible game variety and tournament action, look for casinos that are powered by Microgaming software.  With new games released often, there’s always something new and exciting to look forward to!


Safe Online Casinos:  Where to Find Them

Safe Online CasinosSafe online casinos are not a myth.  They really do exist.  In fact, generally speaking, online casinos are as safe as any other form of online entertainment.  It is absolutely possible to participate on online gambling sites without compromising your safety and security.  That being said, like any other online transaction, you should use common sense and apply tried and tested measures to ensure that nothing goes awry.  In some ways, gambling online is less risky (and less expensive) than playing at land-based casinos.  You don’t have to travel to find safe online casinos.  All you need is a secure internet connection.  Of course when it comes to spending your hard earned money, you will want to take every precaution possible so that nobody has an opportunity to take advantage of you.  Below, we listed some of the “gambling commandments,” which are basic rules you can follow to maximize your enjoyment at safe online casinos.

How to Identify Safe Online Casinos

A quick scan of a safe online casino website should reveal a telephone number you can call to speak with a customer service agent.  Don’t assume that the number works; call to verify that you can actually speak to a customer service representative.  It’s very important to establish a reliable line of communication so that in the event that there is a problem or dispute in the future you will have a means to resolve it.  Avoid any casino that doesn’t have a functional phone number.  Some casinos do offer email support but this is no substitute for phone contact.

  1. A quick scan of a safe online casino website should reveal a telephone number you can call to speak with a customer service agent.  Don’t assume that the number works; call to verify that you can actually speak to a customer service representative.  It’s very important to establish a reliable line of communication so that in the event that there is a problem or dispute in the future you will have a means to resolve it.  Avoid any casino that doesn’t have a functional phone number.  Some casinos do offer email support but this is no substitute for phone contact.
  2. Only play at licensed online casinos.  These are often identified by some sort of “seal” that is displayed on the website.  Safe online casinos will make these seals prominent as they serve as a visual cue to potential customers that they have received approval from a regulatory body.  This is important because if you find yourself in a dispute with the casino you will have the option to register a complaint with the licensing body.  Licensing bodies must act with complete transparency in order to maintain their reputation, so they are highly motivated to resolve any grievances.
  3. Membership to any online casino requires users to agree to a set of terms and conditions.  This is a binding agreement between the player and the casino.  Only play at safe online casinos that post these terms clearly on their website.  But even then, once you have located the terms and conditions, you should still read them thoroughly.  Pay particular attention to any “fine print” as this can affect your ability to withdraw any potential winnings from the casino.  If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions, simply move on and choose from the other safe online casinos.
  4. Conducting some online research can be extremely helpful when looking for safe online casinos.  Gambling sites and message boards will help steer you in the right direction.  There’s no better way to learn about the pros and cons of a gambling site than from previous members.  Things to look when conducting your research include negative player experiences, failure to pay out winnings, cheating scandals, and malware.  When an online gambling site has been labeled as being “rogue” by webmasters and gamblers it’s a good rule of thumb to keep your distance.

Following the gambling guidelines above and you can pretty much be assured that you’ll have a safe and enjoyable online gaming experience.

Internet Casinos – 7 Reasons to Try Them

Internet CasinosInternet casinos often get a bad rap when compared to land-based casinos.  After all, when most people think about playing casino games, they think about the bright lights and flashy atmosphere of Las Vegas.  Nothing, not even an internet casino can compare with that and one shouldn’t even try.  It’s like comparing apples to oranges.  Just because Internet casinos are different from the more traditional brick-and-mortar casinos doesn’t mean they’re not as good.  Internet casinos have many features that offer players huge benefits they’re not likely to find elsewhere.  Because of this, internet casinos have been growing in popularity since they first came on the scene in the late 90s.  Here are just a few reasons why they are so appealing to players worldwide:

Internet Casinos are Exciting

The rich graphics and sounds provided by modern internet casinos provide an unparalleled level of excitement.  Playing these games you will feel drawn right into the action.  This new technology can be far more entertaining than sitting at a table at you average land-based casino.

Internet Casinos Allow You to Play at Your Own Speed

Internet casinos allow you to change the settings for games.  You can speed up the games or pause them should you wish to take a break.  You can play several games or hands in a row, or you can play one game at a time.

Internet Casinos are Money-Savers

There are many expenses associated with playing at land-based casinos that goes beyond one’s bankroll.  There’s the cost of travelling to the casino, food and drink consumed while playing, and tips for the dealers.  Internet casinos let you save your money for the games, thereby giving players far more bang for their buck.

Internet Casinos Let You Focus on the Game

Playing in a traditional casino can be distracting.  There’s the noise and hustle and bustle of the crowds, interruptions from other players, waiters, etc. that can make it extremely difficult to focus on a winning betting strategy.  Playing at home allows players to control their environment, providing the quiet and comfort needed to concentrate solely on the games.

Internet Casinos Let You Play More Often

Because they are so accessible, internet casinos make gambling extremely convenient.  Players can login at any time of the day.  Want to play a quick hand or two over the lunch hour?  Can’t sleep?  No problem; the games will always be ready and waiting.

Interact with People Worldwide at Internet Casinos

Internet casinos are available to players throughout the world.  Through online chat, players can communicate with one another in real time, and often in a wide range of different languages.

Internet Casinos Let You Play Anywhere

In the early days of internet casinos players could only could only download the games to one computer.  Thanks to the rapid development of new technologies, these games can now be played directly within a browser, and even on tablets and smartphones.  This gives players access to a variety of casinos from all over the world and it also allows them to play from any location as long as there is an internet connection.


Computer Security and Online Gaming – Protect yourself at Casinos

Computer Security and Online GamingIt doesn’t matter if you’re playing for fun or for profit; something you never want to risk is the safety of your personal and financial information.  Identity theft and fraud are major concerns when it comes to making online transactions of any kind.  However, there are several actions you can take when purchasing anything online as well as making deposits at an online casino to protect your account against the threat of hackers.  In addition to the basic guidelines of online security, you’ll find specific items below that you should always follow, particularly if you play at online casinos frequently.  Familiarize yourself with the steps below and put them into action right away to help ensure that you are well protected.

The best place to start is your email address.  Before you register at an online casino you should first create a brand new email address that is used solely for your online casino account.  This is beneficial because, in the event that someone is able to hack into your personal email account, they will have no access to your online casino account.  We tend to use our personal email addresses frequently, thereby making them more well-known and more readily available for hackers to prey on.  If you create a special account that is only used for playing at an online casino then it’s unlikely to be used a great deal and harder for a hacker to identify it as a potential target for abuse.

Similarly, the password that you use for this new email address should be completely different from any of your other passwords.  Avoid easily identifiable passwords such as “Password” or “Password123” so that it’s more difficult to crack.  Combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation generally prove to be much too challenging for hackers.  In addition to establishing a unique password, you should also create a unique username for each of the casinos you join.  By keeping your username and password combination different for each property you play at, you are preventing someone from accessing your other accounts automatically.

Computer Security and Online Gaming – Computer Malware

This last tip is a big one.  Always run frequent scans on your computer to detect potentially threatening viruses and keylogging applications.  Depending on how often you play, you may want to schedule the scan to run daily (simply choose a time when you’re sleeping so that the scan doesn’t interfere you’re your online activity).  At the bare minimum, you should scan once a week.  You should also make a point of changing the passwords for all or, at the very least, your main accounts, every month.  If you find that a long time has passed since you last made a deposit you should probably think about de-activating your casino account.  You can contact the casino to arrange this, just let them know that you’d like to reserve the right to open it again in the future.  If you take this precaution, when someone tries to unlawfully gain access to your account you would receive an email stating that your account had been reactivated.  You would then have the option to update your password or close your account completely.

Online casinos go to great lengths to ensure the safety and privacy of their members.  Generally speaking, they are far safer than other e-commerce sites because they understand how important this level of protection is to the players.  If you follow the simple steps above you’re virtually guaranteed a hassle-free and completely secure online gaming experience.

Casino Welcome Bonus – Making the Most of It

Casino Welcome BonusWhether you’re talking casino, poker, sportsbook, or bingo, a common feature of each and every one is the casino welcome bonus. Also known as a Deposit, or First Deposit bonus, these offers are created to entice players to become a registered member. The casino welcome bonus is sometimes followed up by other incentives including Reload bonuses, and Loyalty rewards to name a few. You’ll want to be sure to maximize the benefit offered by the casino welcome bonus in order to enhance your odds of winning. There are some different ways to achieve this; simply follow the steps below and you’ll learn the best tips and tricks to extract the most value from these special promotions.

Always Watch for Better Bonuses

One of the first things to understand is that no matter how big a casino welcome bonus you’re offered, you should always keep on the lookout for a better one. In addition to exclusive perks like free spins or free chips, some casinos have been known to give reload bonuses up to 200% extra or more with just a $25 deposit. This applies to both slots and table players, although the accompanying wagering requirement might vary depending on your game selection. Don’t be shy when it comes to seeking out the best deals. The bigger the bonus, the more money you can add to your total bankroll. Passing up an extra $100 on your bonus is the equivalent of a $100 in terms of impacting your ultimate bottom line.

Plan Your First Deposit to Make the Most of Your Casino Welcome Bonus

Sometimes you can manipulate your deposit patterns in such a way that will let you extract the most value possible out of your casino welcome bonus. For instance, consider a player that makes a deposit of $50 a week. He or she would likely be better served by making a $200 deposit in one shot instead as this would likely garner a larger percentage bonus without the necessity of spending any additional funds. Bigger bonuses mean a bigger bankroll, which in turn means less money spent each month long-term while enjoying the same amount of gameplay.

Plan Your Casino Deposits Around Bonuses

The odds are always in the casino’s favour but if you put your promotions to good use it will help you to level the playing field. Before committing to a casino check to see how often and what size promotions they offer throughout the month. This information is generally available on the website but if you have any difficulty finding it don’t hesitate to contact their customer service department; they are there to help. Also look for or ask about loyalty programs. These programs will reward you based on every bet you place.

Track Your Deposits, Bonuses, and Winnings

One last tip is a reminder to keep track of the total amount of your bankroll as well as the bonuses received in a spreadsheet that you can refer to in the future. By keeping all of your information close at hand you’ll be less likely to let any bonuses expire accidentally. With all of the things you need to remember in your daily life, there’s no reason to burden yourself by trying to keep a mental note of you bonuses. Simply by jotting this information down you’ll save a lot of money over time. It only takes a minute and you’ll be rewarded with extra time at the casino.

Online Casino Mistakes – 3 to Easily Avoid

Online Casino MistakesAs far as pastimes go, playing at an online casino is pretty straightforward, provided you can avoid common online casino mistakes.  All you need to do is find a casino you trust, choose the game(s) you wish to play, and that’s about all there is to it!  Of course, things are not always as simple as they might seem at first glance.  Casino operators are super savvy and if you take a casual approach to online gambling you could wind up falling prey to their influence, thereby making costly mistakes.  Below you will discover three of the most common online casino mistakes made by players when it comes to playing at an online casino.  And, more importantly, you’ll find valuable information on how to avoid them.

Online Casino Mistakes #1 – Don’t Ignore the Terms

A cardinal rule of playing at an online casino is “READ THE TERMS.”  Ignoring this advice may lead to any number of online casino mistakes down the road; most notably, not being able to withdraw your winnings. The casinos will try to draw you in with big, juicy bonuses and promises of untold riches.  And while you just might strike it rich, if you don’t check to see if there are strings attached first, you could be setting yourself up for a big disappointment.  Seldom will you find a promotional bonus that doesn’t come with some sort of requirement.  It’s your job to understand what those requirements are and whether or not you’re prepared to accept them BEFORE you accept any seemingly generous offer.

For example, the type of games you’re permitted to play in order to receive a bonus may vary.  You may be allowed to play any type of slot machine but no table games.  This becomes extremely relevant when the bonus comes with a wagering requirement.  Learn the ins and outs of any offer before you accept it.  If a slots bonus has a 20x playthrough requirement but you spend most of your time betting on blackjack then you’ll be in for a nasty surprise when it comes time to withdraw your winnings.  Some offers are great and they can definitely increase your odds of winning, but some are simply too good to be true.  You won’t know which is which if you neglect to learn the rules first.  If you can’t find all the information you need within the Terms and Conditions themselves, or if some or all of it is unclear, contact customer support and request a full explanation.  They should be more than happy to fulfill your request.  If they’re not, take it as an added sign; pack up your chips and move on.

Online Casino Mistakes #2 – Remember the House Edge

A failure to understand how the house edge applies to online gambling can greatly limit your opportunities for success at the casino.  This is one of the most common online casino mistakes.  Beginning players frequently view all bets equally.  They don’t understand that taking ten spins on a slot machine is different than making ten bets at a baccarat table.  This can be a costly mistake.  Every game, and sometimes each different type of bet within the same game affects the degree to which the house maintains an advantage over a player.  By understanding the range of opportunities available to you, you can then set your sights on only the bets that give you the greatest odds of garnering big winnings.

The best way to avoid online casino mistakes is to do your homework.  Find out what the house edge is in every circumstance.  When the house edge is lower you have a bigger opportunity to pocket winnings.  You’ll be well served to keep this in mind when selecting your online gaming destination.

Online Casino Mistakes #3 – Don’t Push Your Luck

For the most part, and almost without exception, gambling at an online casino is primarily a matter of luck. This can be good news for many who don’t possess the skills or inclination to become a poker or blackjack professional.  Each of these games have an element of skill involved whereby, with a lot of practice and devoted study, one can “beat the casino.”  With games of chance, however, it’s important to know that all good things can come to an end without warning.  Sometimes pushing one’s luck can result in a substantial reversal of fortune.  Be grateful for your wins, no matter how big or small, and remember that being ultimately successful is a long-term proposition.  Celebrate your good fortune and don’t be afraid to step away from computer before your luck has a chance to take a turn for the worse.

Obviously there are several other online casino mistakes that can be made when it comes to playing at an online casino.  However the tips listed here tend to be not only most common, but the most costly as well.  Follow the advice provided here and you should be able to sidestep these obstacles with ease.  You’ll have a more entertaining and profitable gaming experience as a result!

Online Casino Bonuses – How Do They Work?

Online Casino BonusesWhy do casinos offer online casino bonuses?  It’s important for players to remember that the goal of any casino is to ensure that over the lifetime of the player’s membership, the house wins.  Random number generators ensure the fairness of the games, but the odds are still stacked against you.  It’s only under special circumstances, such as being able to count cards at a blackjack table, that a player may have an advantage over the casino.  In order to entice players who might otherwise be put off the casino’s edge, most online casinos will offer “Welcome” online casino bonuses and other promotions to increase the player’s odds of winning in the short-term.  In almost every case, there are strings attached to these bonuses.  For example, most of them are game-specific.  If you only enjoy playing roulette you might be out of luck.  Although most bonuses will allow you to play virtually any slot machine, occasionally you can also find bonuses for blackjack and other games, including roulette, but the advantage provided by these bonuses won’t be quite as generous.

Online Casino Bonuses Variations

There are several varieties of online casino bonuses. The simplest type of bonus is a cashable one.  This is accompanied by a wagering requirement. An example of this would be $200 welcome bonus with a 25x wagering requirement.  In this scenario the player must wager the initial deposit 25 times for a total of $5000 before the player can cash out any winnings.  The $5000 in wagering can be achieved in any combination such as fifty $100 bets, five hundred $10 bets or five thousand $100 bets.  Players are expected to lose, on average, approximately 0.5% of their bet on blackjack.  Therefore, the anticipated loss on the $5000 in wagers is $25 ($5000 x 0.5%).  Consequently, $175 of the original $200 welcome bonus remains as a cashable profit.  It’s a good idea to do some research for any game selected in order to develop a basic understanding of game strategy as well as determining an appropriate bet amount.

“Sticky” online casino bonuses also come with a wagering requirement. But, unlike a cashable bonus, sticky bonuses can’t be withdrawn; they can only be used to make bets.  Generally speaking, players cash out their balance first.  Then, should the account balance fall to zero, the player can continue wagering with the sticky bonus amount.

Microgaming casinos offer a variation on the “Clearplay” bonus scheme. These bonuses allow you to play any casino game and withdraw any winnings whenever you like, whether or not you have satisfied the wagering requirements. Wagering requirements are higher for games with better odds, like blackjack.  Therefore, unlike the typical cashable bonuses, these have different strategies and suggested games.  If you choose to play at a Microgaming casino you may want to contact their customer service representatives for more information.

It is becoming a lot more commonplace these days for some casinos to offer free play and free spin online casino bonuses. All you need to do is register to play as a real money player.  Your account will then be credited and once you make your first deposit your free play winnings will be credited to your account as bonus money.  As with any offer, be sure to review the terms and conditions carefully before accepting any bonus.  If the terms are unclear, contact customer service for a detailed explanation.  Online casino bonuses are a great way to increase your odds of winning; just do your research so you can play with confidence!