Online Video Poker:  A Marriage of Slots and Poker

Online Video PokerOnline video poker combines some of the skill of poker with the thrill of slots.  It’s also one of the most accessible of all casino games.  It’s not unusual to find online video poker machines even in places where you wouldn’t normally expect to find casino games such as bars and airports.  Online video poker machines are based on classic, five-card draw.  But like slot machines, they incorporate lights, animations, sounds, and bonus games.  In order to become a successful online video poker player you need to understand how the games work and which bets you should be making.

Online Video Poker Basics

Playing online video poker is simple.  Place a bet and the dealer gives you five cards.  Like slots, these games have small betting limits so you will be placing several small wagers as opposed to a few big ones.  Online video poker wagers can start as low as a nickel.  Multi-hand machines, which are often favoured by high rollers allow wagers of up to several hundreds of dollars for each round.  But most machines operate somewhere between one quarter to a couple of bucks per hand.
Just like in a game of poker, the goal of online video poker is to build yourself the best possible hand by holding or discarding your cards.  Payouts and winning combinations will vary from machine to machine.  You will need to review the pay table information in order to find out the values for each machine.  This information is displayed right on the game screen.

Online Video Poker Pay Tables and Odds

Some online video poker machines require a minimum hand of jacks or better to qualify as a winning combination. Online video poker machines employ traditional poker hand hierarchy.  When playing the progressive online video poker machines you may need to wager an extra credit.  The amount of your total winnings will depend on progressives as well as the bonus games.

Some of the best odds can be found at the online video poker machines.  When played using perfect strategy, it’s actually possible that the house will lose over time. Finding the optimal pay table can go a long way towards helping you to beat the casino.

Online Video Poker Tips

Below are a few general tips to help you achieve success when playing online video poker.

1. Play free games

This rule applies to all casino games.  Why risk your hard earned money when learning to play when you don’t have to?  Always register for free play so that you can get a feel for the games and develop your strategy before becoming a real money player.

2. Study the payout tables

Online video poker machines that offer the best odds don’t have wild cards and provide payouts on hands as low as a single pair of Jacks or better. Study the payout tables to find out how to maximize the odds.

3. Bet “Max”

Online video poker players generally agree that always wagering “max bets” is a key to success.  Progressive video poker machines will only pay out jackpots if “max bets” have been placed.  Experience and learning to read the game’s pay tables will indicate when it’s advantageous to “bet max” or to stick with placing multiple, smaller wagers.

Follow these simple tips will help you to experience more enjoyment and greater success when playing online video poker.  These games offer the best odds, and as long as you use the pay table information to your advantage, the odds are in your favour!