Game Specific Bonuses at Online Casinos: How They Work

Game Specific BonusesGame specific bonuses are the types of bonuses that players can use to play certain games at online casinos.  They differ from other online casino bonuses in that you can only use them to play these specific games.  Playing any other game will not count towards satisfying your wagering requirements.  Anyone who has played at online casinos with any regularity is probably already aware of the variety of bonuses that are offered to players.  The bonuses are one of the main ways that the casinos entice new membership and encourage existing players to deposit more money.  Although these online casino bonuses have some similarities, there are important differences that players need to be aware of before making a deposit.  A failure to understand the rules that pertain to game specific bonuses and other types of special promotions can lead to a great deal of frustration.  It can also prevent a player from being able to withdraw winnings.  Thankfully, that can all be avoided simply by taking some time to learn the conditions that are applied to each bonus offer.

Why Game Specific Bonuses are So Common

If you spend even just a small amount of time comparing the Welcome Bonuses at most online casinos you will quickly discover that the majority of these are game specific bonuses that are limited to slots. Occasionally game specific bonuses for new players will also be offered to cater to blackjack and video poker players as well.  If, for example, your favorite online casino game is craps, you may find that there are few, if any, bonuses that you can use to increase your bankroll.  The reasons for this are simple.  The casinos know that the majority of players tend to favor slots, blackjack, and video poker games when they play at the casino.  So, for this reason, game specific bonuses can be very effective in attracting new players.  Another reason why the casinos tend to stick with game specific bonuses is because it allows the casinos to control how much of an edge they are willing to give the players.

Alternatives to Game Specific Bonuses

Generally speaking, you will not find game specific bonuses for games like roulette.  This is because the bonus would increase the player’s bankroll, allowing them to make even or odd bets that reduce the house edge considerably.  And even though it is important for players to feel as though they can win, in order to make money, the casino needs to maintain an advantage when it comes to the odds.  In order to keep all players happy, sometimes the casino will forego the game specific bonuses in lieu of an “all games” bonus.  “All games” bonuses allow players to play any game they choose at the casino.  However, the amount of bonus money offered, and the wagering requirements will often be adjusted to keep the odds in the casino’s favor.

The Final Word on Game Specific Bonuses

Just because the casino offers you a bonus, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it.  Always read the terms and conditions that apply to any bonus before you make your deposit.  If the wagering requirements are too high, you’re likely better off not taking the bonus at all.  That being said, one of the advantages of game specific bonuses is that the amount of money the casino offers tends to be much higher than “all games” bonuses and it will give you more money to play with than if you didn’t take any bonus at all.


Halloween Bonuses:  So Good, They’re Scary!

Halloween BonusesHalloween bonuses are beginning to pop up more and more these days.  Here at, we generally don’t promote too many offers to our readers.  Not that we’re against our readers getting a good deal; far from it!  But our primary goal is to give new and experienced gamblers valuable information they can use to get the most out of their online casino experience.  That being said, every once in a while a deal comes along that is too good to miss.  So, for that very reason, we’d like to tell you about some of the best Halloween Bonuses we’ve come across recently.

Halloween Bonuses at Planet 7 Casino

The best of the Halloween bonuses we’ve seen to date was brought to us by Planet 7 Casino.  This RTG-powered casino has been a player favorite for the past five years.  They welcome US players as well as International players with a generous Welcome Bonus and frequent player promotions.  If you haven’t played at Planet 7 Casino before, you will likely be impressed by their massive multi-deposit Welcome Bonus.  The casino offers up to $7,777 in free money with your first 8 deposits.  Before committing to a multi-deposit bonus scheme, always check for special promotions that will boost your bankroll in the short-term.

Competition for gambler’s dollars these days is intense; and the casinos know it.  This is why Free Chip bonuses are becoming more and more popular.  Sure, there are often some restrictions that are applied to these bonuses, such as a cap on the amount of winnings a player may withdraw, but they’re still one of the best bets going.  Halloween bonuses like Planet 7’s $80 Free Chip offer are hard to beat.  For a limited time, a $50 deposit will earn you an $80 Free Chip, giving you a $130 total bankroll to try out the many games available at the casino.  The Free Chip can be used on all of the allowed games.  There is a 30x wagering requirement for most games, although video poker and table games have a 60x wagering requirement.  The bonus amount is cashable and won’t be removed from withdrawal requests, however there is a $100 min./max. withdrawal permitted.  Before accepting any bonus, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions.  These can usually be found on the casino’s website or you can contact customer support for more information.  Should you decide to accept the Free Chip offer, simply enter the promotion code: 80SCREAM in the cashier once you’ve made your qualifying deposit.

Halloween Bonuses at Win Palace Casino

If Planet 7’s offer isn’t what you’re looking for, there are many other Halloween bonuses to choose from.  Win Palace is currently giving players a $30 Free Chip with no deposit required.  The offer features a 35x wagering requirement and is limited to slots, Keno, and scratch cards.  The maximum amount allowed for a cashout is $100.  To claim this offer, simply enter “Halloween” in the coupon field located in the cashier.  Win Palace also accepts players from the United States.

Holiday bonuses are a great way for players to pad their bankrolls and Halloween bonuses are no exception.  These offers do have a limited life span though, so be sure to make the most of them while you still can!

Online Casino Match Bonuses Are Your Best Bet

Online Casino Match BonusesOnline casino Match Bonuses are just one of the many different types of rewards offered to online casino players.  The online casino industry has become extremely competitive over the years.  In the early days of online gambling, when there were only a handful of online casinos available to players, operators didn’t have to go out of their way to lure players.  However, as the popularity of online gaming increased, many more operators came online.  This makes it challenging to not only attract new members, but to keep them loyal as well.  Incentives often take the form of free casino chips or spins, or prizes and gifts.  The most lucrative bonuses are usually offered in exchange for player registration and the first deposit.

Online casino Match Bonuses are sometimes given to new players in the form of a Welcome Bonus.  However, they are more commonly used to entice and reward players for consistently depositing at the casino.  It’s one of the more popular ways that the online casinos thank their members for their ongoing loyalty.

Online Casino Match Bonuses Explained

Online casino Match Bonuses get their name due to the fact that the casino matches you dollar-for-dollar based on your initial deposit amount.  In order to protect their interests, the casinos usually apply a cap to the amount of money they will match.  So, a good example of an online casino Match Bonus might be “get a 100% Match Bonus up to $500.”  The casinos have to be careful because by increasing a player’s bankroll, they are also increasing their odds of winning.

Online casino Match Bonuses are advertised in such a way as to make the players think that they are getting free money.  It could be considered free money, but in order to qualify for the extra funds, a deposit must be made first.  Online casino Match Bonuses are generally most lucrative when used as a Welcome or First Deposit Bonus.  The casinos often vary the percentage amount offered for each match.  The initial match is the most generous, with offers of 100%, 200%, or even 300% and more.  They then become comparatively more conservative when it comes to subsequent deposits.

Examples of Online Casino Match Bonuses

Imagine that the casino is offering a Welcome Bonus that is a 200% Match Bonus up to $500.  The casino requires a $20 minimum deposit.  As a new player you would then the bonus would be applied as follows:

Make a $20 deposit, the casino credits your account with $40 free, giving you a total bankroll of $60
Make a $100 deposit, the casino credits your account with $200 free, giving you a total bankroll of $300
Make a $250 deposit, the casino credits your account with $500 free, giving you a total bankroll of $750
Make a $400 deposit, the casino credits your account with $500 free, giving you a total bankroll of $900

Now that we’ve provided the information needed in order to understand just how online casino Match Bonuses work, a good course of action would be to look around for the best deal possible.  Simple do an online search for “online casinos” and check the home page or promotions page to see exactly what they are willing to offer.

Online Casino VIP Programs: A Short Guide

Online Casino VIP ProgramsOnline casino VIP programs are the easiest and most economical way to increase your bankroll.  With so many online casinos to choose from, operators are becoming more competitive than ever.  So, while most casinos already offered some form of VIP program, now you’d have to look far and wide to find one that doesn’t offer one.  Everyone knows the popular saying, “the house always wins.”  This is true.  It’s still possible to win at the casino, but if you look at all the players combined, the casino will always come out ahead in the end.  This fact is not lost on the casino operators.  They know it, and they know that the players know it.  In order to make the players feel as though they are getting value for their gambling dollars, the casinos establish VIP programs to help offset the sting of defeat.  In land-based casinos, VIP rewards can take the form of free or upgraded hotel rooms, gift vouchers for free meals, gifts, and sometimes even cash.  Online casino VIP programs reward their players with exclusive bonuses, cash rewards, free tournament entries, gifts and more. These rewards programs are extremely popular with winners because it makes them feel valued so they come back for more.  They are also popular with players who have a run of bad luck at the casino because they help take away some of the pain of a loss and encourage players to keep working towards a big win.

What Are Online Casino VIP Comp Points?

Comp” points is the name applied to the complimentary points that casino members can accumulate based on their level of play.  Entry in online casino VIP programs is, in most cases, automatic.  At land-based casinos you would usually be required to register for the program before you start playing.  They often supply players with a VIP rewards card they can use to collect points for every wager.  Online casinos tally these points automatically.  The software used to operate the games records each wager and the amount of the wager.  Comp points are then awarded accordingly.  The goal for any player is to attain the highest level of VIP status, which offers more generous rewards.  However, in order to attain this goal, players would need to place bigger wagers on the games.  These big wagers help to offset the cost of the rewards.

How to Make the Most of Online Casino VIP Programs

The rules for online casino VIP programs vary from casino to casino.  Each casino will usually have their own set of rules.  You can often find the rules for online casino VIP programs posted on the casino website.  Or, if you’re unable to locate them there, you can try contacting the customer service department and ask them to explain how the program works, and what, if any, rules you may need to know.

Also bear in mind that all online casino VIP programs are not created equal.  Sometimes the requirements for achieving a higher VIP level involves placing bigger wagers than you might need to do at another casino.  So don’t be afraid to look around before committing to any one casino.  Some casinos will allow you to accumulate player rewards at one of their “partner” casinos.  This can be a great option if you enjoy having some variety.

Online casino VIP programs are a great way to stretch your bankroll.  Just one word of caution; collecting VIP rewards should be a perk, not a goal.   As indicated above, the casino manipulates these programs to ensure that the cost of the program is covered or at the very least, minimized.  Wagering to get to the next VIP level makes no financial sense whatsoever.


Deposit Bonuses:  Are They Really Your Best Bet?

Deposit BonusesDeposit bonuses are one of the primary means that online casinos use in order to attract new members.  These seemingly lucrative offers will often be enough to entice new players to register.  However, more experienced gamblers have been debating the true value of these deposit bonuses for almost as long as the online casinos themselves have been in existence.  We’ve provided a quick rundown of the pros and cons below so that you can determine which side of the debate you fall on.

The most common type of promotions that are given out by the casino are deposit bonuses.  This is because the casino is guaranteed some sort of a deposit.  That, plus the fact that the house has an edge on almost every game, means that it’s almost a certainty that they will recoup their “losses.”  Once you accept the bonus offer you are bound to the casino’s terms and conditions.  These are also referred to as bonus rules.  These rules outline things like which games can be played.  This often means slot games only; but it doesn’t include progressives.  Sometimes you can find deposit bonuses for video poker or table games like blackjack, but these deposit bonuses aren’t as generous.  With these bonuses you will usually have to wager twice as much in order to satisfy the wagering requirements that will allow you to cash out your winnings.

Deposit Bonuses:  The Cons

Wagering requirements are usually anywhere from 10 to 50 times your total bonus amount.  For this reason it is extremely important that you look closely at the wagering requirements prior to accepting any deposit bonuses.  Imagine that you take a $200 deposit bonus on a $100 deposit.  This would give you a bankroll totalling $300.  Now if this bonus has a 20 times wagering requirement, you would need to place $6000 ($300 x 20) in wagers before you will be eligible to cash out any winnings.  If the wagering requirement was 50 times, you would need to wager a whopping $15,000, which would be extremely difficult to accomplish.  Most people will go broke before they ever satisfy the play through requirements.

Deposit Bonuses:  The Pros

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t take a deposit bonus when it’s offered to you.  Having a bigger bankroll does increase your odds of winning.  However, you need to make sure that the wagering requirements are reasonable enough so that you have a real shot at collecting your winnings when all is said and done. By refusing to accept deposit bonuses you won’t need to satisfy any wagering requirements and you will be free to cash out your winnings right away.  Professional gamblers will often go this route.  They prefer not to deal with the hassle of a wagering requirements and not having to tolerate any game limitations.  But these gamblers are often starting out with a healthy bankroll.  Novice gamblers sometimes prefer having the extra funds to play with.  For this reason, determining whether or not deposit bonuses are a safe bet is not a black or white situation.  You need to weight the advantages and disadvantages carefully and then make the choice that suits you the best.


Cashback Bonuses – Important Things You Need to Know

Cashback BonusesCashback bonuses are a specific type of bonus offered by online casinos to attract new members and to reward existing members for their loyalty.  Cashback bonuses are just what the name suggests.  The casino returns a percentage of a player’s loses.  The bonus is usually in the form of credits or cash, which can then be used to place additional wagers at the casino.  Cashback bonuses are extremely popular because they provide a measure of “risk-free” gambling.  Although they are frequently given to long-time members of the casino, with so many casinos fighting to get new players in the door, cashback bonuses are occasionally offered to new players as well.

Cashback bonuses are a way for casinos to thank players and encourage them to redeposit.  The amounts of these bonuses will vary depending on the type of software used by the casino, and how their promotions teams targets their members.  Cashback bonuses are rarely tied to wagering requirements.  They won’t make a player rich, but they can be a great way to help recover from what could otherwise be a devastating loss.

In land-based casinos, cashback rewards are often given in the form of comp points or VIP services.  They can be used for room upgrades, meals, and perks other than actual cash.  At an online casino, it’s possible that the bonus might distributed as cash or credits once a week or every couple of weeks.  Generally speaking, the more a player spends, the more cashback money they receive.

Some cashback bonuses are applied automatically, and some require the players to submit a request with the casino’s cashier in order to claim them.  In order to determine how much you would need to wager in order to receive a cashback bonus you must read the terms and conditions.  They will include critical information such as the wagering requirements, eligible games, and whether or not there’s a cap on the offer.  In some cases the casino will set a maximum cashback amount and they may also require a minimum amount in the player’s account before paying out.  All of this information should be set out in the terms and conditions.

Be careful not to accept a cashback bonus until you’ve determine that it will actually be beneficial.  You may find that taking it is not worth risking you eligibility for other promotions the casino may offer.  If you’re just trying to extend your bankroll and don’t plan on re-depositing often then a cashback bonus is probably as safe bet.

Types of Cashback Bonuses

Casinos offer cashback bonuses in the form of cash or credits. Cash rewards are generally paid at a lower rate than casino credits.  So, if you are planning to re-deposit, stick with the credits so you can benefit from a higher bonus percentage.

Cashback Bonus Values

When looking for cashback bonuses you’ll want to keep an eye out for the most lucrative offers.  Look for an online casino that will give you a range of offers so that you can benefit the more you deposit.  Pay attention to the bonus percentage as well.  Some online casinos are more generous than other.  Smaller percentages are usually in the 20% range, whereas some can go to 50% and above.

VIP Cashback Bonuses

Sometimes online casinos will award cashback bonuses based on a players VIP level.  Higher percentages are offered to gold or platinum level players.  Therefore, the higher the player climbs on the VIP ladder, the bigger the awards they can expect to receive.

Frequency of Cashback Bonus Payouts

Cashback bonuses are usually paid out on a weekly or monthly basis.  Monthly payouts can be frustrated due to the wait, but the casino will generally compensate for this delay by offering a larger bonus percentage.


Highroller Casino Bonuses – Get Treated Like a VIP

Highroller Casino BonusesHighroller casino bonuses are special offers that are provided to players who deposit larger amounts than the average gambler.  Most online casinos will try to make every player feel like royalty, but in reality, highrollers inevitably receive a higher level of service.  This is no different than any other industry really.  For example, consider a car dealership.  If they have a customer that buys a low or mid-range vehicle once every eight to ten years they will likely value this customer and will surely want to keep them loyal.  However, if a client was to be in the habit of purchasing a luxury car and trade it in for a new one every couple of years the dealership will probably go out of their way to maintain such a client.  The perks they provide to customers like this might include free car washes, valet service, etc.  This is simply due to the fact that highrollers generally represent a much greater percentage of the businesses overall revenue.  Losing just one highroller can make the difference between financial success and financial ruin.  Highroller casino bonuses are a tool the casino uses to keep these customers happy and loyal.

Highroller Casino Bonuses vs Regular Casino Bonuses

Highroller casino bonuses are often similar to the promotions offered to regular players.  The only real difference is in the amount of the bonus cash offered.  Some casinos make these highroller casino bonuses available right out of the gate.  Let’s say the casino has a 100% welcome bonus that offers players up to $100 free on a deposit of $25 to $100.  The same 100% might also be offered to highrollers.  However, in this case, the minimum deposit amount required would be $1000.  The bonus percentage is the same, but by depositing ten times the amount of the average player the highroller is eligible to receive ten times the amount of bonus money.

Other Types of Highroller Casino Bonuses

Highroller casino bonuses don’t always take the form of cash bonuses.  Many online casinos have VIP sections on their websites dedicated to the special offers available to highrollers.  Benefits beyond highroller casino bonuses include, but are by no means limited to, faster withdrawals, more comp points per wager, and free access to tournaments.  Just like in a traditional land-based casino, online casinos will often assign a personal account manager to their VIP players.  These account managers are generally available 24/7 and will assist with any issue and strive to satisfy every need.

What it Takes to Get Highroller Casino Bonuses

Some players may envy the highroller casino bonuses offered to VIP gamblers.  It’s difficult to even conceive how much money these players wager in order to receive these perks.  When you set the table limits for a specific game you might notice that some slot machines allow players to wager up to $1000 on a single spin.  With high stakes wagering like that it’s not really all that surprising that the casinos would want to give them the white glove treatment.

In today’s challenging economy casinos literally cannot afford to treat any player with less than VIP attention.  Even if you are a small depositor, but especially if you are accustomed to making big wagers, make sure that the casino is doing everything possible to earn your business.  Never register with any casino that doesn’t give you the best possible value for your money.


Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses – A Must Have

Online Casino No Deposit BonusesOnline casino no deposit bonuses are a gamblers best friend.  Online casino no deposit bonuses are free bonus offers with no restrictions.  Usually, when online casinos want to get your business they will offer a “welcome bonus.”  These bonuses come with strings.  You will need to wager your bonus amount, or your deposit and bonus amount, a certain number of times before you are allowed to withdraw any winnings.  Sometimes they won’t let you withdraw the bonus amount at all.  What makes online casino no deposit bonuses so great is that you don’t have to risk a single dollar of your own money in order to play some of your favorite games.

Different Types of Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

There are many different types of online casino no deposit bonuses. Some of them will require that you meet a wagering requirement, which is the total number of times you must wager the bonus amount.  Other online casino no deposit bonuses let you play with a small amount of free money or for a limited period of time.  They’ll even allow you to cash out any winnings you accumulate with your no deposit bonus.  However, in order to protect themselves, they might impose a maximum withdrawal amount on any such wins.  Even so, winning a few hundred dollars without having to wager any of your own money is a pretty good deal!  Other types of online casino no deposit bonuses can take the form of free tournament entries or exclusive offers that are given to regular depositors.

The Reasons Behind Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Online casino no deposit bonuses are relatively new.  You would rarely, if ever, find an offer like this from a casino.  This is because in the early days of online gambling there weren’t all that many online casinos.  They didn’t need to compete for players.  All that has changed.  Now that there a thousands of online casinos for players to choose from, the competition is fierce.  In order to attract new players the casinos are having to become a lot more creative in terms of the types of bonuses they offer.  Operators provide no deposit bonuses so that these new players will register to play.  Once a player has registered, the casino has their email address and possibly their phone number and home address as well.  This means that they can continue to contact the player in the hopes of getting their business even after the no deposit bonus is gone.

How to Claim Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Often, a casino will give you a code you can use to claim your no deposit bonus.  All you have to do is register for a real money account.  Then, go to the cashier section of the casino and enter your code.  Make sure that you read the terms and conditions that accompany your bonus.  Some online casino no deposit bonuses have no wagering requirements but may have other requirements related to withdrawing your funds or the types of games that you can play with online casino no deposit bonuses.  It’s not uncommon for these kinds of bonuses to be limited to slots or blackjack.  So make sure you don’t skip this important step.

There’s an easy way to maximize your chances of winning with online casino no deposit bonuses.  Simply take any winnings you accumulate using your no deposit bonus and use them to make a deposit bonus.  That way you’re still playing with the casinos money, but you’ll have a larger bankroll because deposit bonuses give you more money.  Worst case scenario, you won’t win any jackpots, but you’ll still enjoy lots of free entertainment and you’ll get a good feel for the casino, risk-free.



Special World Cup Bonus Available Now at Casino Titan

World Cup bonusWorld Cup Fever is spreading but Casino Titan‘s World Cup bonus is the cure.  For a limited time, football fanatics can get a taste of the action by playing “Football Frenzy!” right now at Casino Titan.  Head on over to this popular online casino now and you’ll be rewarded with a 300% World Cup bonus and 10 free spins.  So, for example, simply by making a $50 deposit, you’ll receive an additional $150 in bonus money.  This not only gives you a total bankroll of $200, but you also get 10 extra spins on the house.  To collect this sensational World Cup bonus offer, simply use the bonus code “FRENZY300.” Casino Titan welcomes players the world over, including Canada and the United States.

Football Frenzy is an extremely popular 5-reel, 50-payline slot machine developed by Real Time Gaming.  The game is chock full of footballs, Strikers, Referees, Goalkeepers, and whistles.  It packs a graphic punch that makes you feel like a World Cup champion.  Loaded with features, Football Frenzy offer jackpots both big and small, two gaming modes, as many as 100 free spins as well as a “Penalty Kick” bonus round.  In this bonus round you have the opportunity to collect up to 900 times your total wager.  Football Frenzy’s base game is more generous than the average RTG slot machines.  Several of the symbols appear to be stacked and wins that include the Wild symbol are doubled.  As a result, wins are bigger and easier to come by, making this a great game to use with your World Cup bonus.

Your World Cup Bonus Awaits

While nothing can really compare to the adrenaline-pumping excitement of a World Cup match, playing Football Frenzy will definitely bring you one step closer to the action.  Keep in mind, like other casino bonuses, the acceptance of this World Cup bonus is subject to terms and conditions.  Players must meet the wagering requirements before withdrawing any winnings.

Casino Titan has been in operation since 2008. The casino has a license to provide online casino services from the Government of Netherlands Antilles. The software is available in several languages, such as English, Italian, German, French and Spanish. All casino transactions are processed in US dollars.   The casino runs on the hugely popular Real Time Gaming Platform.  Consequently, members can choose from an impressive suite of classic and modern casino games.

Casino Titan frequently offers great promotions that allow players to increase the size of their bankrolls. Along with these bonuses, players collect comp points on all real money wagers.  In addition to special weekly promotions the casino also has a VIP club.  VIP members enjoy faster withdrawals and Loyalty Points can be redeemed more quickly.  Casino Titan accepts deposits via several methods including credit cards, Skrill, Neteller, and other popular e-wallets.  A 10% bonus is available to players who utilize alternative payment options.  So, whether you’re looking to cash in on the excitement of the World Cup or are simply looking for a safe and reliable gaming destination, Casino Titan is a great bet.