Trusted Online Casino Groups:  Top 5 Picks for 2016

Trusted Online Casino GroupsTrusted online casino groups are on the top of every gambler’s “most wanted” list.  Many players, especially those who are new to the world of online gambling, are unaware that most of the online casinos are controlled by a number of trusted online casino groups.  Trustworthy operators of online casinos often run several operations and they are generally equal in terms of quality and reliability.  Below you will be introduced to a few of the most trusted online casino groups and the properties that operate under their umbrella.

Trusted Online Casino Groups:  #1 Pick

One of the most trusted online casino groups is the Club World Group.  Club World operates a suite of RTG-powered internet casinos with diverse themes and a broad selection of highly entertaining games.  The casinos are licensed by the government of Curacao.  Online casinos owned and operated by Club World include (in no particular order): Club World Casinos, Aladdin’s Gold Casino, Club SA Casino, Lucky Red Casino, All Star Slots, Buzzluck, Club Euro Casino, Manhattan Slots, and High Noon Casino.  As is the case with most trusted online casino groups, a few of these brands tend to be better known than other.  Nevertheless, they possess virtually all of the same games and player promotions.  Welcome bonuses are very generous and can offer up to as much as $4,000 in free cash.

Trusted Online Casino Groups:  #2 Pick

Main Street Vegas has earned its place as one of the most trusted online casino groups.  Although the brands they control may not be as well-known as some others, they have a long history of providing great service to their members across all of the brands they control.  Sites like Las Vegas USA Casino, Vegas Casino Online, Slots Plus and more offer Real Time Gaming software and, like the Club World Group, they are also fully licensed by the government of Costa Rica.

Trusted Online Casino Groups:  #3 Pick

Popular Microgaming-powered casinos including Maple Casino, Casino UK, Golden Riviera Casino, Sun Vegas Casino, Crazy Vegas Casino to name but a few are owned and operated by the renown Vegas Partner Lounge group.  Also referred to as VPL, this group’s casinos frequently rank alongside the most popular online casinos worldwide.  Licenced by Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority, these casinos offer downloadable software, Instant Play, and many of the group’s flagship properties are now also mobile-friendly.

Trusted Online Casino Groups:  #4 Pick

The Fortune Lounge group is similar to the VPL group in that they, too, are licensed in Malta and use award-winning software supplied by Microgaming.  The Fortune Lounge group operates long-time favorites like Platinum Play Casino, Royal Vegas Casino, Euro Palace Casino, Vegas Palms Casino, and 7 Sultans Casino.

Trusted Online Casino Groups:  #5 Pick

Rounding out our list of the top five trusted online casino groups is the Palace Group.  This massive enterprise controls close to 30 different online casinos.  All of the casinos run on the Microgaming software platform.  Some of the Palace Group’s most popular brands include:  UK Casino Club, Luxury Casino, Nostalgia Casino, Blackjack Ballroom, and Golden Tiger to name just a few.  Many of these popular casinos are accessible via mobile devices as well as by download or Instant Play.

If you’d like to try out some of these casinos for yourself, we suggest you read a bit more about them first.  You can read detailed reviews of many of these properties at  You will also find information relating to the bonuses being offered by these casinos that will help you get the most bang for your casino buck!

Online Pai Gow Top Game Winning Strategies

Online Pai GowOnline Pai Gow is a game that incorporates elements of traditional poker.  This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be among the more popular of the poker games one will find in the casino. Despite the similarities, the strategies used to achieve success when playing online Pai Gow are quite different from strategies employed in a game of traditional poker.  Even non-poker players are familiar with the concepts of raising bets and bluffing.  Online Pai Gow doesn’t call for either of these well-known strategies.  In Pai Gow, there is no benefit to be had by trying to “read” players or attempting to be deceptive.  This is a straight forward game that isn’t overly competitive.  There are, however, a few strategies that can be considered beneficial.  These strategies will be outlined below.

Online Pai Gow Strategy #1

A useful online Pai Gow strategy involves taking time to adequately prepare your hand. Pai Gow players need to develop a five-card hand as well as a two-card hand, with the five-card hand being the stronger of the two hands.  Players can request that the dealer sets up their hand for them.  When there’s any doubt, this can be a good option.  Players who prefer to set their own hand must remember that the goal is to establish two separate, strong hands.  Consequently, in the event that the player has been dealt a hand that consists of a full house, it would be more advantageous to split the hand.  This would give the player a three-of-a-kind in their five-card hand, and a pair in their two-card hand.

Online Pai Gow Strategy #2

Another beneficial online Pai Gow strategy involves banking. Whenever a player is presented with the opportunity to bank, they should take it because this will allow them to compete with other players and book bets.

Now strategies are great when they work, but there’s no guarantee that they will pay off each and every time.  This is why it’s so important for players to experiment with several different strategies in order to determine which ones are the most comfortable to use on a consistent basis. This can even involve altering some basic strategy so that it matches a player’s particular playing style. Even if the online Pai Gow strategy you use isn’t effective 100% of the time, it’s still better than not using one at all as it is the best way to gain an advantage over your opponents.

The best way to perfect your online Pai Gow strategies without risking any of your hard earned cash is to practice by playing for fun.  Then, once you have found a strategy that works best, you can make your deposit and compete for real money winnings.  If you have your heart set on taking a bonus offer from the casino, be careful.  Many first deposit bonuses offered by the casinos are restricted to games like slots and sometimes blackjack and roulette.  Oftentimes Pai Gow is considered a “non-eligible” game.  Therefore, you should make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the bonus carefully before making your deposit.


Game Specific Bonuses at Online Casinos: How They Work

Game Specific BonusesGame specific bonuses are the types of bonuses that players can use to play certain games at online casinos.  They differ from other online casino bonuses in that you can only use them to play these specific games.  Playing any other game will not count towards satisfying your wagering requirements.  Anyone who has played at online casinos with any regularity is probably already aware of the variety of bonuses that are offered to players.  The bonuses are one of the main ways that the casinos entice new membership and encourage existing players to deposit more money.  Although these online casino bonuses have some similarities, there are important differences that players need to be aware of before making a deposit.  A failure to understand the rules that pertain to game specific bonuses and other types of special promotions can lead to a great deal of frustration.  It can also prevent a player from being able to withdraw winnings.  Thankfully, that can all be avoided simply by taking some time to learn the conditions that are applied to each bonus offer.

Why Game Specific Bonuses are So Common

If you spend even just a small amount of time comparing the Welcome Bonuses at most online casinos you will quickly discover that the majority of these are game specific bonuses that are limited to slots. Occasionally game specific bonuses for new players will also be offered to cater to blackjack and video poker players as well.  If, for example, your favorite online casino game is craps, you may find that there are few, if any, bonuses that you can use to increase your bankroll.  The reasons for this are simple.  The casinos know that the majority of players tend to favor slots, blackjack, and video poker games when they play at the casino.  So, for this reason, game specific bonuses can be very effective in attracting new players.  Another reason why the casinos tend to stick with game specific bonuses is because it allows the casinos to control how much of an edge they are willing to give the players.

Alternatives to Game Specific Bonuses

Generally speaking, you will not find game specific bonuses for games like roulette.  This is because the bonus would increase the player’s bankroll, allowing them to make even or odd bets that reduce the house edge considerably.  And even though it is important for players to feel as though they can win, in order to make money, the casino needs to maintain an advantage when it comes to the odds.  In order to keep all players happy, sometimes the casino will forego the game specific bonuses in lieu of an “all games” bonus.  “All games” bonuses allow players to play any game they choose at the casino.  However, the amount of bonus money offered, and the wagering requirements will often be adjusted to keep the odds in the casino’s favor.

The Final Word on Game Specific Bonuses

Just because the casino offers you a bonus, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it.  Always read the terms and conditions that apply to any bonus before you make your deposit.  If the wagering requirements are too high, you’re likely better off not taking the bonus at all.  That being said, one of the advantages of game specific bonuses is that the amount of money the casino offers tends to be much higher than “all games” bonuses and it will give you more money to play with than if you didn’t take any bonus at all.


Internet Keno vs Land-Based Keno Games

Internet KenoInternet Keno games are specialty games that are available in most online casinos today.  This is due in large part to the popularity of the game in land-based establishments.  Internet Keno games and land-based Keno games are very similar and players generally love the fact that it doesn’t require any special skills to play, there are very few rules, and not much in the way of strategy.  Despite the lack of deep knowledge needed in order to play Keno, there are still big payouts that can be won.  Although the online and offline versions of the game are very similar, there are a few key differences between the two.  We’ll take a closer look at the benefits offered by both and let you decide if one is actually superior to the other.

Benefits of Land-based Keno vs Internet Keno 

One of the most compelling differences between internet Keno games and land-based Keno games is the social aspect of the game.  When played in land-based establishments there is a lot of opportunities for players to interact.  Whether or not you find this to be an advantage or not will depend on your particular personality.  If you’re the type of person who enjoys engaging in conversation with others and like the communal aspect of the game, then you would surely find playing offline to be a more desirable experience.  However, if you aren’t particularly social in nature, and prefer to enjoy playing in relative quiet, then you are much more likely to find internet Keno games a more suitable way to play.  When you play online Keno games there is no interaction with other players, or casino staff, you are free to enjoy your games without any distractions.

Benefits of Internet Keno vs Land-Based Keno 

Internet Keno games are generally played at a much faster pace than land-based Keno games.  When you play a traditional game of Keno it is usually a very casual experience.  Players buy their tickets and collect their winnings for each game and this can create a bit of a gap between the games.  However, when you play internet Keno, once you’ve made your deposit and selected your numbers the game will start right away.  You can also manage several cards at one time because the computer system will track each hand, record any winnings, calculate your winnings, and apply the funds to your account automatically.

The fact that winnings are calculated automatically is definitely an advantage of playing internet Keno games.  Sometimes players at land-based establishments can get caught up in the action of the games or get distracted by other players and they may forget or not even realize that they have a winning card.  This never happens when playing online Keno because these players never need to check their cards to see if they’ve won.  As soon as the game ends the computer will notify you of any winnings and they will handle the collection of funds.  Although this is a distinct advantage for internet Keno players, offline players benefit from other options like split tickets, way tickets, and combination tickets, which aren’t always available for online players.


So, when all is said and done, there are advantages and disadvantages to playing Keno online and offline.  Ultimately, the version you choose will depend on the type of Keno experience you are looking for.  If you consider the game to be more of a source of entertainment, then playing in a land-based establishment might be more to your liking.  If you crave action and winnings are your priority, then internet Keno might be a better fit.  Either way, Keno offers hours of enjoyment, potential rewards, and it’s easy to play!


Online Casino Deposit Methods: Prepaid Cards

Online Casino Deposit MethodsOnline casino deposit methods are the third-party payment services that the casino use to allow players to deposit and withdraw funds at the casino.  If you’re a casual gambler who simply enjoys playing casino games for fun, then there’s no need concern yourself with online casino deposit methods.  But if you’re a player that is ready to wager for the chance at real money winnings, then online casino deposit methods play a very important role.  In order to play the games there are generally three steps you need to follow.  The first is to download or launch the casino software, the second is to register as a real money player, and the third is to make a deposit.  The online casino deposit methods that are available to players varies from casino to casino.  They range anywhere from credit and debit cards to e-wallets and prepaid cards.  Because they are an easy-to-use payment option with great benefits, we’ll take a closer look at this particular deposit and withdrawal method.

Online Casino Deposit Methods:  Benefits of Prepaid Credit Cards

One factor that makes prepaid cards one of the more appealing online casino deposit methods is that users aren’t required to supply the casino with their personal or financial details in order to use them.  Many gamblers are very concerned about keeping their activity private and prepaid cards allow them to be totally anonymous when they are gambling at an online casino.  The only downside to using prepaid cards is that they can only be utilized to transfer funds to the casino, it cannot be used as a means of retrieving your winnings.  In order to transfer funds out of the casino players would need to select one of the other online casino payment methods supported by the casino.

Online Casino Deposit Methods:  Where to Find Prepaid Cards

Another reason why prepaid cards are among the most popular of all online casino deposit methods is because they are so readily available.  Prepaid cards are available for purchase at many retail locations.  The cards are purchased for a specific amount, which can be advantageous to players that have difficulty managing their bankroll.  Once the card balance has been depleted they can no longer be used.  Therefore, there’s no opportunity for players to overspend, as they might if they were using one of the other online casino deposit methods such as credit cards.

Online Casino Deposit Methods:  How to Use Prepaid Cards

Online casinos make it easy to use prepaid cards.  When you purchase a prepaid card you are given a voucher that contains a unique number.  Within the casino cashier you would then enter this number and select the amount of money you would like to deposit.  Once the balance has been depleted you’ll need to buy another card in order to make additional deposits because you can’t simply add more funds to an existing card.

Like some of the other popular online casino deposit methods, prepaid cards are supported by hundreds of online casino sites.  Prepaid cards are easy to purchase, simple to use, and a secure and private way to fund your casino account.  Sometimes online casinos even offer special bonuses to players who opt to use this particular method.  So, even though they can only be used to fund your account, prepaid cards can still be a great option, especially for players who deposit often.


Online Gambling in Canada: Ladbrokes Pulls the Plug

Online Gambling in CanadaOnline gambling in Canada is about to change.  Ladbrokes, one of the largest bookmakers worldwide, has announced that they will be leaving the Canadian market.  Although Ladbrokes hasn’t indicated this specifically, it is suspected that new gambling rules in the UK are behind the British-based bookmaker’s decision to no longer participate in online gambling in Canada.

Despite their relatively longstanding involvement in online gambling in Canada, Ladbrokes has announced to their members that they are leaving the Canadian gambling market as of October 1, 2014.  Canadian players have 30 days to issue a withdrawal request.  Furthermore, Canadian players’ bonus balances and winnings that are pending due to unsatisfied wagering requirements following this 30 day period will automatically be forfeited.

In terms of online gambling in Canada, Ladbrokes offers casino, sports betting, and online gambling.  According to Ladbrokes, the decision to abandon online gambling in Canada follows a comprehensive review of Canada’s gaming laws by Canadian regulators.  It’s unclear which “review” Ladbrokes is referring to here.  In early 2014 the Canadian government indicated that they intended to enact legislative amendments that would further hinder money laundering and terrorist financing.  For many offshore operators this new development in online gambling in Canada sounded eerily familiar.  It hearkened back to the infamous Black Friday crackdown on internationally licensed casino operators in April of 2011.

However, these amendments only affect licensed Canadian lottery operators, and therefore, Canada remains a primarily grey market in which operating an online gambling establishment without holding a license from the Canadian government could be interpreted as being illegal but is largely ignored by provincial authorities.

Online Gambling in Canada:  Mass Exodus?

While unexpected, Ladbrokes’ departure appears to coincide with a recent trend wherein key UK-facing casino operators are leaving Canadian as well as additional foreign markets.  And, although Canadian regulators may have contributed to this decision, it appears that recent amendments to UK legislation that are being implemented are more likely to have formed the impetus for this change.

There’s been a fair bit of hullaballoo about the point-of-consumption tax that will soon take effect.  This new amendment requires UK operators wishing to engage in the UK market to meet licensing, regulation, and taxation requirements.  Previously, these were managed by white-listed, government-sanctioned international jurisdictions.

Consequently, UK licensees will be required to supply government agencies with a legal justification in order to operate in markets where they don’t hold a specific license. This will prove challenging for gaming companies like Ladbrokes since only 0.5% of their total revenue comes from Canadian players.

The Future for Online Gambling in Canada

Ladbrokes isn’t the only operator pulling up stakes in Canada.  During the summer, UK bookmaker, Betfred, also announced their withdrawal from Canada, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and several other markets.  Ladbroke’s largest UK rival, William Hill,

Meanwhile, William Hill, Ladbrokes’ biggest rival in the UK, has announced that, due to regulatory changes, they will be withdrawing from grey markets in South America and more than fifty other countries, all of which amount to one percent of their global revenue in total. Interestingly, Canada wasn’t included in this list.

It’s too soon to tell how the changes to UK gaming regulations will impact the online gambling landscape in the long term.  UK Operators will be faced with the decision to remain in familiar territory or take their chances in grey markets.

Popular Online Casinos:  What Makes Them Better Than the Rest

Popular Online CasinosPopular online casinos are difficult to define.  In the broadest terms I suppose that a popular online casinos are the ones with the largest number of registered members.  This definition is not inaccurate, however it doesn’t take into account the niche online casinos that can be extremely popular, but appeal to a smaller pool of players.  The nature of the internet makes it possible for online casinos to encourage membership from players throughout the world.  We’ll take a closer look at the steps these casinos take in order to increase their popularity and gain the members.  These same rules apply to the online casino sites that cater to specific types of players.

6 Key Elements of Popular Online Casinos

In order to gain the biggest number of members, popular online casinos need to offer services that will appeal to players worldwide.  Some of these services include the following:

– Multi-Language Support:  Popular online casinos provide software and support in many different languages.  When a player has a question or concern, they want to be able to communicate that to the casino.  By employing support agents that speak different languages, the casino is demonstrating that they care about their players and are committed to meeting their specific needs.  So, while there might be an online casino that is very popular in Germany, if their software and customer support is only available in German, they won’t be able to attract as many players as one that supports multiple languages.

– Multi-Currency Support:  Similar to language, by offering a range of localized payment options and allowing players to gamble in their native currency, a casino is able to attract a substantially larger number of members.

– Fast and Easy Payouts:  The most popular online casinos know that to stay popular they need to provide players with their winnings, fast!  Offering a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options is key.  Localized payment methods are also a great way to rate high with players.

– Competitive Bonuses:  Players are always on the lookout for a great bonus to help beef up their bankroll.  Savvy players know that they need to do their research in order to determine the real value of a bonus before they start playing.  Popular online casinos not only offer generous bonus amounts, they also keep the wagering requirements to a minimum!

– Variety:  Popularity can come and go in the blink of an eye.  In order for popular online casinos to remain popular, they need to stay up-to-date by offering new games and new technologies.  One of the latest trends in online gambling is mobile casinos.  The best online casinos will give players an opportunity to play their games on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

– Branding:  Sometimes simply knowing that other people find something popular can make something even more popular.  The biggest online casinos allocate massive amounts of money to pay for TV and radio advertising, sponsorships, licensing agreements, and more.  Branded casinos appear far more legitimate to potential players.

Why You Should Play at Popular Online Casinos

Although “popular” doesn’t necessarily mean “best,” it’s pretty safe to say that the most popular online casinos are very likely superior to others in some or all of the categories listed above.  Players have far too many options available to them to feel that they need to stick with a less-than-impressive casino.  By choosing one of the popular online casinos you’ll likely receive the high level of service and care you deserve as a loyal member.

Bitcoin Gambling: Past, Present and Future

Bitcoin GamblingBitcoin gambling currently represents just a small fraction of the total revenues that are being generated by the online gaming industry.  However, as this well-known “cryptocurrency” continues to gain global market share and become increasingly more mainstream, this will undoubtedly change in the years to come.

What are Bitcoins and what it Bitcoin Gambling?

In the simplest terms, Bitcoin is a form of digital currency.  Controversial from the outset, Bitcoin grew out of the 2009 financial crisis that took hold as the banks in the US collapsed into default.  Bitcoins continue to flourish thanks to some compelling advantages they offer over more traditional forms of currency.  For example, Bitcoins require no middle-men to regulate the financial transactions, which can reduce or eliminate unnecessary fees.  Bitcoins are not backed by the Federal Reserve, or any centralized banking system.  Nor are they backed by any government authority; it’s fully decentralized.  Consequently, it is considered to be an online currency.

Bitcoin gambling is exactly the same as any other form of online gambling except for the fact that all financial transactions are conducted using the virtual currency.  Accounts are funded with Bitcoins and winnings are paid out in Bitcoins.  Every other facet of Bitcoin gambling is identical to traditional forms of online gaming.

Bitcoin Basics and the Benefits of Bitcoin Gambling

– Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is used for conducting online financial transactions such as purchasing or trading goods and services.

– Bitcoin is dependent on the Bitcoin payment system, which is basically a public ledger that tracks every transaction ever made, and vice versa.  You can’t have one without the other.

– Bitcoin offers minimal and sometimes no transaction fees whatsoever. This benefits not only the consumer, but the businesses they deal with as well.  For Bitcoin gambling afficionados who make frequent purchases, this can add up to big savings.

A big complaint among gamblers is how long it can take for their deposits and withdrawals to be credited.  Bitcoin transactions are instantaneous in most cases, depending on whether or not the merchant (in this case, the casino) requires confirmation prior to processing the transaction.

– All consumers, not just gamblers, are concerned about the inherent dangers of a digital marketplace.  Not only are people concerned about losing their money, they are also concerned about the potential theft of their personal information.

Bitcoin transactions are conducted through the use of a public and private key which are used to certify transactions.  Funds are secure and personal information is fully protected.

– Bitcoin transactions can only be retrieved with the recipient’s express permission, which reduces the risk of fraud.  And, because personal information is protected, fraud and chargebacks are much less likely to occur.

– Unlike traditional forms of currency, Bitcoins are not subject to inflation.  This is because the total number of Bitcoins that can be created is capped at a maximum 21 million coins. In fact, deflation is a more likely scenario due to the fact that as usage grows, goods and services may become available at a lower cost.

Despite the many advantages associated with the use of Bitcoins, there are still some things that are unknown and consequently the merits of its use are still hotly debated.  On the surface, Bitcoins could be a great match for online gambling.  However, it’s still early days, so think carefully before playing at bitcoin casinos.  As Bitcoins become more widely used over a longer period of time, Bitcoin gambling may be a great option for many reasons, but we’re not there just yet.

Australian Online Casinos:  Gambling Down Under

Australian Online CasinosAustralian online casinos are casinos that cater specifically to Australian players.  The casino games are tailored to the unique tastes of Aussie gamblers.  The casinos also provide many localized deposit and withdrawal methods so that Australian players not only feel welcome, but also so that they have the best possible gaming experience.  Australian online casinos are usually based in licensed gambling jurisdictions such as Alderney, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Malta.  And, while they are designed to appeal to Australian gamblers, they generally offer the same types of games and other features you would normally find at any online casino.  For example, Australian online casinos will offer free games so that players can try the games and practice their skills before investing any real money.

Playing at Australian online casinos is easy.  Like any other online casino, you need to download the games or launch the flash version and then register for free or real play.  Once you’ve plugged in your personal information you should receive a password to login to the games.  If you wish to accept a welcome bonus you may need to make a deposit prior to playing. Aussie casinos make this process simple by processing payments in Australian currency.  This is a very important feature, as it spares Aussie gamblers from having to pay conversion fees, which can really add up over time.

Legal Australian Online Casinos

It is legal for players to participate in most forms of online gambling in Australia.  However, there are some restrictions that Australian online casinos must comply with and this can affect what they are allowed to offer. The passing of the Casino Control Act in 2006 provides guidelines for the regulatory bodies and casino operators, which determines how Australian online casinos should operate.

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 prohibits casino owners from basing their operations within Australia.  Australian online casinos that were established prior to 2001 were allowed to continue providing services.  So, as long as the online casino is based outside Australia, or was operating within Australia prior to 2001, it is legal for gamblers who reside in Australia to play at online casinos.

Game Variety at Australian Online Casinos

Australian online casinos offer the same types of games you’d find at any online casino: table games, slots and video poker, etc.  However, if you reside outside of Australia and New Zealand you may not be familiar with some of the colloquialisms, like “pokies”. “Pokies” is simply another term for slot or poker machines.

Payment Methods at Australian Online Casinos

Some of the most popular Australian deposit methods include checks and bank transfers, major credit cards, debit and pre-paid debit cards, as well as eWallets.  Each of these methods are generally very safe and secure and by using some of these methods players may be eligible for additional bonuses.

One of the most important things for any player at Australian online casinos is having quick and easy payouts.  Many Australian online casinos allow you to submit a withdrawal request with the click of a button.  Upon your first cashout you will likely be required to provide personal identification such as a copy of your passport, driver’s license, or some other form of photo ID, and possibly a copy of a recent bill to confirm your current address.  These are just basic security measures that are implemented to protect both you and the casino from fraud.  Once you’ve provided this information, subsequent payouts can usually be processed instantly depending on the banking method selected.


Online Video Poker:  A Marriage of Slots and Poker

Online Video PokerOnline video poker combines some of the skill of poker with the thrill of slots.  It’s also one of the most accessible of all casino games.  It’s not unusual to find online video poker machines even in places where you wouldn’t normally expect to find casino games such as bars and airports.  Online video poker machines are based on classic, five-card draw.  But like slot machines, they incorporate lights, animations, sounds, and bonus games.  In order to become a successful online video poker player you need to understand how the games work and which bets you should be making.

Online Video Poker Basics

Playing online video poker is simple.  Place a bet and the dealer gives you five cards.  Like slots, these games have small betting limits so you will be placing several small wagers as opposed to a few big ones.  Online video poker wagers can start as low as a nickel.  Multi-hand machines, which are often favoured by high rollers allow wagers of up to several hundreds of dollars for each round.  But most machines operate somewhere between one quarter to a couple of bucks per hand.
Just like in a game of poker, the goal of online video poker is to build yourself the best possible hand by holding or discarding your cards.  Payouts and winning combinations will vary from machine to machine.  You will need to review the pay table information in order to find out the values for each machine.  This information is displayed right on the game screen.

Online Video Poker Pay Tables and Odds

Some online video poker machines require a minimum hand of jacks or better to qualify as a winning combination. Online video poker machines employ traditional poker hand hierarchy.  When playing the progressive online video poker machines you may need to wager an extra credit.  The amount of your total winnings will depend on progressives as well as the bonus games.

Some of the best odds can be found at the online video poker machines.  When played using perfect strategy, it’s actually possible that the house will lose over time. Finding the optimal pay table can go a long way towards helping you to beat the casino.

Online Video Poker Tips

Below are a few general tips to help you achieve success when playing online video poker.

1. Play free games

This rule applies to all casino games.  Why risk your hard earned money when learning to play when you don’t have to?  Always register for free play so that you can get a feel for the games and develop your strategy before becoming a real money player.

2. Study the payout tables

Online video poker machines that offer the best odds don’t have wild cards and provide payouts on hands as low as a single pair of Jacks or better. Study the payout tables to find out how to maximize the odds.

3. Bet “Max”

Online video poker players generally agree that always wagering “max bets” is a key to success.  Progressive video poker machines will only pay out jackpots if “max bets” have been placed.  Experience and learning to read the game’s pay tables will indicate when it’s advantageous to “bet max” or to stick with placing multiple, smaller wagers.

Follow these simple tips will help you to experience more enjoyment and greater success when playing online video poker.  These games offer the best odds, and as long as you use the pay table information to your advantage, the odds are in your favour!