Internet Keno vs Land-Based Keno Games

Internet KenoInternet Keno games are specialty games that are available in most online casinos today.  This is due in large part to the popularity of the game in land-based establishments.  Internet Keno games and land-based Keno games are very similar and players generally love the fact that it doesn’t require any special skills to play, there are very few rules, and not much in the way of strategy.  Despite the lack of deep knowledge needed in order to play Keno, there are still big payouts that can be won.  Although the online and offline versions of the game are very similar, there are a few key differences between the two.  We’ll take a closer look at the benefits offered by both and let you decide if one is actually superior to the other.

Benefits of Land-based Keno vs Internet Keno 

One of the most compelling differences between internet Keno games and land-based Keno games is the social aspect of the game.  When played in land-based establishments there is a lot of opportunities for players to interact.  Whether or not you find this to be an advantage or not will depend on your particular personality.  If you’re the type of person who enjoys engaging in conversation with others and like the communal aspect of the game, then you would surely find playing offline to be a more desirable experience.  However, if you aren’t particularly social in nature, and prefer to enjoy playing in relative quiet, then you are much more likely to find internet Keno games a more suitable way to play.  When you play online Keno games there is no interaction with other players, or casino staff, you are free to enjoy your games without any distractions.

Benefits of Internet Keno vs Land-Based Keno 

Internet Keno games are generally played at a much faster pace than land-based Keno games.  When you play a traditional game of Keno it is usually a very casual experience.  Players buy their tickets and collect their winnings for each game and this can create a bit of a gap between the games.  However, when you play internet Keno, once you’ve made your deposit and selected your numbers the game will start right away.  You can also manage several cards at one time because the computer system will track each hand, record any winnings, calculate your winnings, and apply the funds to your account automatically.

The fact that winnings are calculated automatically is definitely an advantage of playing internet Keno games.  Sometimes players at land-based establishments can get caught up in the action of the games or get distracted by other players and they may forget or not even realize that they have a winning card.  This never happens when playing online Keno because these players never need to check their cards to see if they’ve won.  As soon as the game ends the computer will notify you of any winnings and they will handle the collection of funds.  Although this is a distinct advantage for internet Keno players, offline players benefit from other options like split tickets, way tickets, and combination tickets, which aren’t always available for online players.


So, when all is said and done, there are advantages and disadvantages to playing Keno online and offline.  Ultimately, the version you choose will depend on the type of Keno experience you are looking for.  If you consider the game to be more of a source of entertainment, then playing in a land-based establishment might be more to your liking.  If you crave action and winnings are your priority, then internet Keno might be a better fit.  Either way, Keno offers hours of enjoyment, potential rewards, and it’s easy to play!