Casino Welcome Bonus – Making the Most of It

Casino Welcome BonusWhether you’re talking casino, poker, sportsbook, or bingo, a common feature of each and every one is the casino welcome bonus. Also known as a Deposit, or First Deposit bonus, these offers are created to entice players to become a registered member. The casino welcome bonus is sometimes followed up by other incentives including Reload bonuses, and Loyalty rewards to name a few. You’ll want to be sure to maximize the benefit offered by the casino welcome bonus in order to enhance your odds of winning. There are some different ways to achieve this; simply follow the steps below and you’ll learn the best tips and tricks to extract the most value from these special promotions.

Always Watch for Better Bonuses

One of the first things to understand is that no matter how big a casino welcome bonus you’re offered, you should always keep on the lookout for a better one. In addition to exclusive perks like free spins or free chips, some casinos have been known to give reload bonuses up to 200% extra or more with just a $25 deposit. This applies to both slots and table players, although the accompanying wagering requirement might vary depending on your game selection. Don’t be shy when it comes to seeking out the best deals. The bigger the bonus, the more money you can add to your total bankroll. Passing up an extra $100 on your bonus is the equivalent of a $100 in terms of impacting your ultimate bottom line.

Plan Your First Deposit to Make the Most of Your Casino Welcome Bonus

Sometimes you can manipulate your deposit patterns in such a way that will let you extract the most value possible out of your casino welcome bonus. For instance, consider a player that makes a deposit of $50 a week. He or she would likely be better served by making a $200 deposit in one shot instead as this would likely garner a larger percentage bonus without the necessity of spending any additional funds. Bigger bonuses mean a bigger bankroll, which in turn means less money spent each month long-term while enjoying the same amount of gameplay.

Plan Your Casino Deposits Around Bonuses

The odds are always in the casino’s favour but if you put your promotions to good use it will help you to level the playing field. Before committing to a casino check to see how often and what size promotions they offer throughout the month. This information is generally available on the website but if you have any difficulty finding it don’t hesitate to contact their customer service department; they are there to help. Also look for or ask about loyalty programs. These programs will reward you based on every bet you place.

Track Your Deposits, Bonuses, and Winnings

One last tip is a reminder to keep track of the total amount of your bankroll as well as the bonuses received in a spreadsheet that you can refer to in the future. By keeping all of your information close at hand you’ll be less likely to let any bonuses expire accidentally. With all of the things you need to remember in your daily life, there’s no reason to burden yourself by trying to keep a mental note of you bonuses. Simply by jotting this information down you’ll save a lot of money over time. It only takes a minute and you’ll be rewarded with extra time at the casino.