Classic Online Casino Games – 3 Easy Ones

Classic Online Casino GamesA strange aspect of classic online casino games, like craps, baccarat, and roulette is that when compared to the more modern games, like video slots, they seem almost intimidatingly complicated.  This is just a misconception however.  Video slots do represent the ultimate in simplicity when it comes to classic online casino games.  Players need only select a bet size and press a button.  The fact that video slots players are often encouraged to always “Bet Max” makes this process even easier.  It’s only in this context that classic casino games may appear to be more complicated.  Taken on their own, it’s easier to see that there’s really not all that much to them and they are probably a lot more accessible than you might think.

Classic Online Casino Games – Roulette

Take roulette for example.  A quick glance at the table may well give the impression that there is a lot happening here.  This is true, but in fact, it’s surprisingly easy to learn the basics of the game of roulette.  The only way to win a game of roulette is to guess the number that the ball will settle on.  Don’t be distracted by the many bets available on the table, it’s purely a matter of luck in the end.  Players can wager on a group of numbers, such as red, black, or even, or on rows or columns of numbers.  If you enjoy a higher level of risk and a chance at a big reward, you can simply bet on just one number.

Classic Online Casino Games – Baccarat

Now take just a moment to consider baccarat. Baccarat, despite any external appearances to the contrary is a great example of a classic casino game that is as simple to play as video slots.  When playing baccarat, all you need to do is to select one out of three possible bets.  And, since you should never place one of these types of bets, ever, you really only need to pick one or another and let the dealer do the rest.  There’s no complicated strategy you need to learn as you would with blackjack.  The truth is, without making any actual decisions, you will have a less than 1.5% house advantage, simply by always betting on the player or banker hand.

Classic Online Casino Games – Craps

Lastly, there’s craps. Many people will tell you that craps is arguably one of the more complicated classic online casino games you could play.  And, while there is some truth in that statement, there are simple steps you can follow to get you playing quickly.  Although the game of craps may seem overwhelming at times, it essentially functions based off of a rather basic principle of placing a bet on the anticipated outcome of the next roll of the dice.  Therefore, should you simply place a pass line or don’t pass line bet, you can learn how basic gameplay operates and still benefit from a low house-advantage bet.

The old adage rings true here; never judge a book by its cover.  If you do, then you could possibly miss out on the fun and excitement of these otherwise seemingly unapproachable classic online casino games.  You don’t need to be a master right out of the gate.  Take small, conservative steps and allow your skill and appreciation for the games develop gradually over time.