Popular Casino Games – The Classic Games

Popular Casino GamesAsk anyone to name popular casino games  and odds are that more often than not the game they will mention is slots.  This is due, at least in part, to the fact that slots are much more widely played games as opposed to some of the other traditional online casino games.  Most people are drawn to the slot machines because they are so easy to play.  All you have to do is push a button and watch the reels spin.  What these players don’t always realize that there are other games that are not only easy to play, but also offer a greater risk/reward ratio.  Take the game of roulette for example.  It is solely based on a tiny silver ball spinning around a wheel that is numbered from zero to thirty-six.  Winners are determined based on where the ball lands.  However, it’s the fact that players can customize their bets according to their tolerance of risk that makes it very appealing to many players.

Another well-known classic online casino game is blackjack. Unlike video slots, whose outcomes are purely a matter of chance, blackjack falls on the other end of the spectrum because it is a game based on skill and strategy, not just luck.  While slot machines are one of the more popular casino games in part because there are so many different ones to choose from, blackjack also comes in many variations, which helps to keep the game interesting.  By applying even just a tiny bit of strategic knowledge, blackjack can be not only a hugely entertaining, but also potentially very profitable online casino game.

Popular Casino Games – The Top 3

While it may appear similar to blackjack, baccarat really is a horse of a different colour.  Both popular casino games rely on the use of playing cards, but whereas blackjack has an element of skill built in, baccarat is entirely based on luck.  The tie bet is an awful bet in baccarat because it gives the house an advantage in the 13-14% range.  If you avoid the tie bet completely, then the house advantage is actually rather small.  When it comes to action, this online casino game doesn’t pack a huge punch, but it is a great social game and if you play the live dealer version or within a multi-player environment, you get the opportunity to meet interesting people and share in a fun gaming experience.

Most people have heard of the game of craps, but that’s part of the reason why it’s not considered to be one of the popular casino games like slots.  Craps has a reputation of being a difficult and complicated game to learn, which is unfortunate, because it is, like roulette, a pretty straight-forward game.  You only need to decide whether to bet against or with the shooter; the shooter being the one throwing the dice.  Certain rules apply to the outcome of the shooter’s toss and your fate in the game is, for better or worse, tied to the shooter’s wins and losses.  Like baccarat, craps can be a great social game, and has the potential to be counted among the other very popular casino games, but with the excitement of blackjack or slots.


Online Casino Games – Choosing the Right One for You

Online Casino GamesWhen a beginner sets out to play online casino games, they don’t always know what they’re doing, or even which game they should start playing. Identifying the casino game that might best suit their tastes requires a level of knowledge and experience that a newcomer to online casinos often lacks. Not knowing which game to choose can lead to an unsatisfying gaming experience, and since a good percentage of these players may not be willing to give the casino a second try after this kind of disappointment, this guide will help make the selection process easier. Below, you’ll be introduced to several key factors that will hopefully have a positive impact on the decision making process.

Online Casino Games Risk-Reward Ratio

There are pros and cons for any game. For instance, every game has a different risk-reward ratio. Some of them even feature multiple bets with different levels of risk within the same game. How you pick these games will be a stylistic decision you’ll need to consider before making your selection. Consider, roulette, a game where evens bets are low risk and low reward. Alternatively, straight-up bets have a much greater degree of risk and a relatively high level of reward. Slots games are similar in that the ones with big jackpots have a higher volatility as opposed to the smaller jackpot slots that are considered low-volatility.

Learning Online Casino Games

The next decision you’ll be faced with is how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in learning how to play the game. In order to become even moderately proficient at a game like craps or blackjack, you’ll need to devote a fair amount of time to studying the games and practicing your newly-developed skills playing for fun before you’ll want to risk your bankroll. On the other end of the spectrum are games like keno and slots. These online casino games don’t require any special skills or strategies; you can simply start playing right away. So why would you ever choose a game that requires study and practice over a simple game? Well, it would depend on your reason for playing in the first place. If you’re looking for a really big payoff, then you’re better off sticking with the skill-based games because they have higher payout percentages. If your focus is more on pure entertainment, then you should stick to the less volatile games like roulette or slots. You can still win playing these games, the amounts you win will just be smaller.

Modern vs Classic Online Casino Games

One last factor to consider is based on whether you prefer modern over classic. If you’re drawn to a classic casino atmosphere, then you’re likely to experience greater enjoyment playing one of the table games like blackjack or craps. However, if you like a little more sizzle when it comes to your casino experience, and flashy lights and sounds appeal to you, then you’re probably better suited to play slots, keno, and other parlor games. Any one of the online casino games you’ll find at an online casino can provide countless hours of enjoyment and the chance to take home big winnings, which one you choose is simply a matter of personal taste and risk tolerance level. You also don’t have to choose one over the other exclusively; you can always play different types depending on your mood and the size of your bankroll.

Classic Online Casino Games – 3 Easy Ones

Classic Online Casino GamesA strange aspect of classic online casino games, like craps, baccarat, and roulette is that when compared to the more modern games, like video slots, they seem almost intimidatingly complicated.  This is just a misconception however.  Video slots do represent the ultimate in simplicity when it comes to classic online casino games.  Players need only select a bet size and press a button.  The fact that video slots players are often encouraged to always “Bet Max” makes this process even easier.  It’s only in this context that classic casino games may appear to be more complicated.  Taken on their own, it’s easier to see that there’s really not all that much to them and they are probably a lot more accessible than you might think.

Classic Online Casino Games – Roulette

Take roulette for example.  A quick glance at the table may well give the impression that there is a lot happening here.  This is true, but in fact, it’s surprisingly easy to learn the basics of the game of roulette.  The only way to win a game of roulette is to guess the number that the ball will settle on.  Don’t be distracted by the many bets available on the table, it’s purely a matter of luck in the end.  Players can wager on a group of numbers, such as red, black, or even, or on rows or columns of numbers.  If you enjoy a higher level of risk and a chance at a big reward, you can simply bet on just one number.

Classic Online Casino Games – Baccarat

Now take just a moment to consider baccarat. Baccarat, despite any external appearances to the contrary is a great example of a classic casino game that is as simple to play as video slots.  When playing baccarat, all you need to do is to select one out of three possible bets.  And, since you should never place one of these types of bets, ever, you really only need to pick one or another and let the dealer do the rest.  There’s no complicated strategy you need to learn as you would with blackjack.  The truth is, without making any actual decisions, you will have a less than 1.5% house advantage, simply by always betting on the player or banker hand.

Classic Online Casino Games – Craps

Lastly, there’s craps. Many people will tell you that craps is arguably one of the more complicated classic online casino games you could play.  And, while there is some truth in that statement, there are simple steps you can follow to get you playing quickly.  Although the game of craps may seem overwhelming at times, it essentially functions based off of a rather basic principle of placing a bet on the anticipated outcome of the next roll of the dice.  Therefore, should you simply place a pass line or don’t pass line bet, you can learn how basic gameplay operates and still benefit from a low house-advantage bet.

The old adage rings true here; never judge a book by its cover.  If you do, then you could possibly miss out on the fun and excitement of these otherwise seemingly unapproachable classic online casino games.  You don’t need to be a master right out of the gate.  Take small, conservative steps and allow your skill and appreciation for the games develop gradually over time.

Land-Based Casinos vs Online Casinos – The Main Differences

Land Based CasinosAlthough it may be argued that nothing can truly compare to the actual sights and sounds of the land-based casinos experience, it could be debated at least that both of these enterprises share some common qualities and each has its own high and low points.  For example, both online casinos and their land-based counterparts offer players the opportunity to place real money bets.  Each one also offers a wide selection of games including blackjack, slots, craps and video poker.  That being said, there are some major differences.

A select number of online casinos feature live dealers who interact with the players via webcam.  However, it’s much more common that the “dealer” is computer generated, and the outcome of the games are determined by a random number generator.  The upside is that it allows for faster play.  Depending on the software, you can play in excess of 1000 hands of blackjack an hour using the auto-play feature based on optimal strategy.  You can also review previous hands and outcomes.  Random number generators guarantee fair play and third party auditors ensure that the games are tested regularly.  The results of these audits are often made available to the public via the casino’s website.

Financial transactions are handled differently at an online casino.  At land-based casinos there is a cashier located within the casino where you can easily purchase or cash in your winnings. Depositing and withdrawing funds to and from an online casino may require the use of a third party payment processing service known as e-wallets.  Deposits are usually instantaneous but withdrawals generally take longer and it might take several days for the funds to be credited to a player’s e-walled account.  The reason for this is that the casino must first perform standard anti-fraud procedures and allow for reversals, which allow you to terminate your withdrawal request and transfer the funds back into your casino account.

Land-Based Casinos Comps vs Online Casino Comps

The comps that land-based casinos are famous for obviously don’t translate to the online casino experience.  Rather than providing players with free meals or upgrade to their rooms, online casinos offer financial rewards based on the amount of play generated.  These bonuses can include free spins, or match bonuses, which will match a deposit dollar-for-dollar up to a specified amount.  Players are often required to bet a certain number of times before any winnings can be cashed out.

Of course, land-based casinos are more than just the games, there’s also the atmosphere to consider and this is one of the main differences between online and real-world gambling.  Land-based casinos have sights and sounds that can’t be replicated online.  In land-based casinos friends and loved ones can cheer you on or you can take a break to see a show.  Online casinos can’t rival this experience but they do feature incredible graphics without any unnecessary distractions.  They are a convenient, entertaining, and potentially lucrative way to play from the comfort of home.

Online Casinos – Choosing the Best Destination

Best Online CasinosEvery day, millions of casino players the world over access online casinos to satisfy their gambling desires.  The multitude of casinos one can choose from can make it extremely difficult for novice players to determine which one is the best choice and offer the best return for their money.  There are many things that savvy players should consider before depositing a single dollar.  The tips provided below have been gathered from seasoned pros who understand the ins and outs and ups and downs of the various operations.  By following this expert advice, new players will find themselves not only a safe and reliable gambling destination, but they will also benefit from the best games and bonuses.

A primary consideration when selecting online casinos should be whether or not the site has been registered and licensed.  This will ensure that the online casino operates legally and complies with all of the gambling laws that pertain to the jurisdiction in which they are licensed.  A further indication of the casino’s legitimacy is to seek out approvals from regulatory bodies such as eCOGRA.  A seal from eCOGRA, for example, indicates that the site has not only met industry standards, but that it offers fair games as well.

Once a player has completed this stage of cursory review, he/she can start checking under the hood.  There are many different software providers; some good, some bad.  New players are advised to take a conservative approach and narrow their initial focus to some of the bigger names in the industry like Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, and Playtech.  This is not to say that other gaming providers don’t offer excellent gaming platforms, it’s more of a matter of trust and reliability.  Those things are earned and demonstrated over time and these online casinos have long histories of providing both of these essential elements.  Each provider will have their own unique suite of games and each brand will feature their own set of promotional incentives.  The quality of the service provided at each casino will also vary.

Once a player has determined their choice of casino software, they can then begin comparing the individual offerings at each of the various online casinos that utilize their preferred software platform.  Sites will often list the games included in the software package, so if there’s a particular game desired, a simple check to ensure it’s included in the suite of games is all it takes.

Online Casinos – What Bonus is Right For You?

Next up is the size and nature of the bonus incentives.  While a particular offer might seem hard to resist at first glance, players must take the time to review the terms and conditions so that they are making the most informed decision possible.  They will need to compare things like wagering restrictions, qualifying games, as well as the withdrawal clauses at various online casinos.  Identifying if the casino has a lucrative loyalty program will help to ensure satisfaction in the long run.

In the event an issue should arise, players should consider the quality of the customer service provided.  The online casino should offer easy access to their support services via email, phone, and, ideally, live chat.  Depending on where a player resides, the option to receive support in certain languages might also be a key determining factor.

Following these guidelines is a great way to ensure long-term online gaming satisfaction.  If you’re pressed for time or unsure about how to apply any of the information above, a great shortcut is to read online casinos reviews written by industry experts.  A simple online search will provide tons of reviews, many from insiders who are more than happy to guide players to safe, entertaining gambling destinations.

Online Casino Blackjack – Winning Strategies

Online Casino BlackjackSome of the best odds available in any casino can be found at the online casino blackjack tables. Players that understand the basic elements of the game can thrive. Players whose combined winnings outweigh their loses combine a knowledge of statistics and counting cards to transform a classic game of skill and chance into a profitable and highly entertaining endeavor.

In addition to consistent practice and dedication to playing online casino blackjack, players can increase their chances of winning by following strategies and taking advice from seasoned online casino blackjack professionals. By following the eight steps below you with be that much closer to big winnings.

1. Develop Your Basic Online Casino Blackjack Strategy

If you’ve spend time wandering through the casino gift shops you’ve likely seen strategy cards for sale. Thanks to the internet you don’t need to spend the time or money to acquire this kind of information; it’s readily available online, for free. Take some time to look around and with a little research you’re sure to find a suitable one from any number of reputable sources.

Commit the information on the card to memory. These strategy charts indicate the best possible play, mathematically speaking for any online casino blackjack scenario. Look at the combination of your total points versus the dealer’s up card, and the strategy chart will identify the move that will give you the best odds to win.

2. Don’t be a Sucker

It’s a good idea to develop your personal betting style. This involves determining how much money you can afford to wager  and when you should increase and decrease your online casino blackjack bets. Ignore any betting strategies that involve past performance such as the ones that you might receive as email spam or on online gambling forums. These strategies promise that you’ll never lose if you’re increasing or decreasing the amount of your bets based on wins or loses. You’ll be much better served if you avoid any betting strategy that defies the laws of math. Cards can’t tell if you’ve lost or won a hand so basing you wagers on previous wins or loses is risky.

However, providing you know how to count cards, you’d be increasing and decreasing your wagers based on an actual advantage. Your potential win/loss rate will be directly affected by your wagering strategy.

3. Understand the Basic Rules of the Game

Unless you’re just watching the action, don’t approach the online casino blackjack tables without a sound understanding of the basic rules of the game. Occasionally a blackjack game might have slight variations in the rules that can affect the outcome of the game. Spend the time familiarizing yourself with the most common rule variations and you’re much more likely to walk away a winner.

For example, some blackjack games have a 6:5 payout on 21 rather than a 3:2 payout, which is more common. A 6:5 payout works in favor of the casino so you’ll want to avoid it whenever possible.

4. Be Confident!

Confidence is a must when it comes to making important life decisions and this includes wagering at online casino blackjack. Blackjack dealers must abide by a strict set of rules, but as a player you’re not subject to these rules, which can be advantageous. This advantage should boost your confidence and lead to sounder decision-making.

5. Learn to Count Cards

Contrary to popular belief, card counting is perfectly legal and it is the optimal way to get a big leg up on the casino. Online casino blackjack card counting is no easy feat; it requires a great deal of dedication and practice. It transforms the game into one of positive expectations and gives the player a distinct advantage over the House.

So what does it mean exactly to count cards? Simply put, card counting is just a method used to determine how much or little one should wager on a given hand. Savvy card counters are able to keep track of how many of the different-valued cards are remaining in the shoe and how many cards have been played, and then place their bets according to the balance of the shoe. Some professional card counters suggest that practically anybody has the potential to acquire basic card counting skills and put them into practice at tables with even just 40 hours of training/practice. These 40 hours can translate into big bucks.

6. Do Your Research

When doing your research, make sure that you’re utilizing reliable sources. Don’t waste your money on eBooks or other cheap strategy schemes. The information they contain isn’t always reliable and any valuable tips they might contain can usually be found online, for free.

Two well-regarded books that are worth reading are: J. Philip Vogel’s Blackjack: The Real Deal and Stanford Wong’s Blackjack Secrets. Both of the authors are professional online casino blackjack players and their books are offer many helpful insights for beginners and those who have a basic understanding of the game but are looking to improve on their skills.

7. Stay Away From the Alcohol

A common strategy that casinos employ in order to disadvantage players is to ply them with free drinks. They know that too much alcohol can affect a player’s instincts and the quality of their decision making. Online gamblers are not immune to temptation either, especially if they have easy access to a liquor cabinet.

You’ll always have the option of celebrating your wins once your session is over. Stay alert, and if you really feel the need for a drink, step away from the table.

8. Mind Your Bankroll

If you prepare a bankroll strategy ahead of time you’ll have a much better idea of when to quit playing. Set aside a fixed amount of money for gambling, and once you hit your limit for wins and losses, take a break from the tables. Gambling involves a series of highs and lows so make the necessary allowances to adjust for these fluctuations. But be sure to stick to your limits in order to stay on track.

Online casino blackjack players who follow all eight of the tips presented here are likely to find themselves winning more often. There’s a significant advantage to be had by those who learn basic blackjack strategy and maintain a consistent card count in their heads, so follow these guidelines make your time at the blackjack table more profitable.

The Best 5 Tips for Success at an Online Casino

Online CasinoOnline casino gambling has revolutionized the betting world more than anything else. Like their land-based Las Vegas counterparts, online casinos provide adults the world over the opportunity for fun, and easily accessible ways to try their luck at big winnings.

There are many harsh lessons to be learned from the gambling experience, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having Fun and being Smart.
Hunter S. Thompson

If you know how to make the most of your online casino experience you can develop a great little income playing table games or spinning the slot reels. And best of all, you can do it all without ever having to leave the comfort of your house.

Beating the banker isn’t always as simple as it might seem. Winning is often a hard-won combination of experience, inside knowledge, and a visit from Lady Luck. In order to increase your chances of amassing the big bankroll you dream of, here are some tips to help put you on the road to online casino success:

1. Pick your online casino game

Taking a shotgun approach to online gambling can backfire, if you’ll pardon the pun. Rather than choosing games “willy nilly,” focus instead on a select number of games that you like playing and devote the necessary time to learn them really well. Familiarize yourself with the rules, spend lots of time practicing, and try to develop a pattern of success that will increase your odds of winning over time. The type of game doesn’t really matter; it can be traditional card games like craps or one of the newer progressive slot machines.

2. Develop a strategy

Sometimes online casino slot machines with smaller jackpots are easier to win because oftentimes they will pay out more frequently. If you are trying to master two games, select one with a high jackpot and one with a low jackpot. That way, you can try and strike a balance between bigger wins and smaller ones to keep your bankroll from depleting too quickly. Develop a strategy for each type of jackpot by calculating odds and determining how much money you can afford to spend versus the odds of winning.

3. Maximize bonus offers

Every online casino routinely provides bonus offers, special promotions and sometimes even gifts to encourage players like you to try their games. Don’t be shy about taking them up on these offers. While it’s true that you should always verify the terms and conditions before accepting your bonus, however, often there are no strings attached; they just want your business and besides, it means you get a free crack at one of those big jackpots!

4. Be mindful of your limits

An effective strategy can make a huge difference in your ability to succeed at an online casino, but from time-to-time you’ll just have a run of bad luck. This is the time to step away from the computer and understand that luck isn’t always going to be on your side. Set yourself a limit for your daily, weekly, and monthly deposit amount and don’t stray from it. In doing so you’ll avoid getting a nasty shock when you check your bankroll at the end of each week.

5. Know when to fold ’em

A big mistake that people make at an online casino is to continue playing even though they’re ahead. This often happens because winning can be an exhilarating experience and it can increase your appetite for even bigger winnings. However, the odds are that you’re far more likely to gamble away your winnings. Bet prudently and set aside your winnings rather than investing them back into the games.

Online gambling can be extremely entertaining and rewarding just so long as you always remember to gamble responsibly and you invest time mastering games you know best.

With these helpful tips you have everything you need to know in order to beat the house. You’ll be amazed at all the fun you’ll have and how much you can win. Go on, give it a try!