Online Casino Blackjack – Winning Strategies

Online Casino BlackjackSome of the best odds available in any casino can be found at the online casino blackjack tables. Players that understand the basic elements of the game can thrive. Players whose combined winnings outweigh their loses combine a knowledge of statistics and counting cards to transform a classic game of skill and chance into a profitable and highly entertaining endeavor.

In addition to consistent practice and dedication to playing online casino blackjack, players can increase their chances of winning by following strategies and taking advice from seasoned online casino blackjack professionals. By following the eight steps below you with be that much closer to big winnings.

1. Develop Your Basic Online Casino Blackjack Strategy

If you’ve spend time wandering through the casino gift shops you’ve likely seen strategy cards for sale. Thanks to the internet you don’t need to spend the time or money to acquire this kind of information; it’s readily available online, for free. Take some time to look around and with a little research you’re sure to find a suitable one from any number of reputable sources.

Commit the information on the card to memory. These strategy charts indicate the best possible play, mathematically speaking for any online casino blackjack scenario. Look at the combination of your total points versus the dealer’s up card, and the strategy chart will identify the move that will give you the best odds to win.

2. Don’t be a Sucker

It’s a good idea to develop your personal betting style. This involves determining how much money you can afford to wager  and when you should increase and decrease your online casino blackjack bets. Ignore any betting strategies that involve past performance such as the ones that you might receive as email spam or on online gambling forums. These strategies promise that you’ll never lose if you’re increasing or decreasing the amount of your bets based on wins or loses. You’ll be much better served if you avoid any betting strategy that defies the laws of math. Cards can’t tell if you’ve lost or won a hand so basing you wagers on previous wins or loses is risky.

However, providing you know how to count cards, you’d be increasing and decreasing your wagers based on an actual advantage. Your potential win/loss rate will be directly affected by your wagering strategy.

3. Understand the Basic Rules of the Game

Unless you’re just watching the action, don’t approach the online casino blackjack tables without a sound understanding of the basic rules of the game. Occasionally a blackjack game might have slight variations in the rules that can affect the outcome of the game. Spend the time familiarizing yourself with the most common rule variations and you’re much more likely to walk away a winner.

For example, some blackjack games have a 6:5 payout on 21 rather than a 3:2 payout, which is more common. A 6:5 payout works in favor of the casino so you’ll want to avoid it whenever possible.

4. Be Confident!

Confidence is a must when it comes to making important life decisions and this includes wagering at online casino blackjack. Blackjack dealers must abide by a strict set of rules, but as a player you’re not subject to these rules, which can be advantageous. This advantage should boost your confidence and lead to sounder decision-making.

5. Learn to Count Cards

Contrary to popular belief, card counting is perfectly legal and it is the optimal way to get a big leg up on the casino. Online casino blackjack card counting is no easy feat; it requires a great deal of dedication and practice. It transforms the game into one of positive expectations and gives the player a distinct advantage over the House.

So what does it mean exactly to count cards? Simply put, card counting is just a method used to determine how much or little one should wager on a given hand. Savvy card counters are able to keep track of how many of the different-valued cards are remaining in the shoe and how many cards have been played, and then place their bets according to the balance of the shoe. Some professional card counters suggest that practically anybody has the potential to acquire basic card counting skills and put them into practice at tables with even just 40 hours of training/practice. These 40 hours can translate into big bucks.

6. Do Your Research

When doing your research, make sure that you’re utilizing reliable sources. Don’t waste your money on eBooks or other cheap strategy schemes. The information they contain isn’t always reliable and any valuable tips they might contain can usually be found online, for free.

Two well-regarded books that are worth reading are: J. Philip Vogel’s Blackjack: The Real Deal and Stanford Wong’s Blackjack Secrets. Both of the authors are professional online casino blackjack players and their books are offer many helpful insights for beginners and those who have a basic understanding of the game but are looking to improve on their skills.

7. Stay Away From the Alcohol

A common strategy that casinos employ in order to disadvantage players is to ply them with free drinks. They know that too much alcohol can affect a player’s instincts and the quality of their decision making. Online gamblers are not immune to temptation either, especially if they have easy access to a liquor cabinet.

You’ll always have the option of celebrating your wins once your session is over. Stay alert, and if you really feel the need for a drink, step away from the table.

8. Mind Your Bankroll

If you prepare a bankroll strategy ahead of time you’ll have a much better idea of when to quit playing. Set aside a fixed amount of money for gambling, and once you hit your limit for wins and losses, take a break from the tables. Gambling involves a series of highs and lows so make the necessary allowances to adjust for these fluctuations. But be sure to stick to your limits in order to stay on track.

Online casino blackjack players who follow all eight of the tips presented here are likely to find themselves winning more often. There’s a significant advantage to be had by those who learn basic blackjack strategy and maintain a consistent card count in their heads, so follow these guidelines make your time at the blackjack table more profitable.